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For three generations the team at Forrest Anderson has been providing residential air conditioner maintenance service to Phoenix customers.

You family’s comfort is our top priority.

Whether the air conditioner goes out before a family party or we’re at your home for regular maintenance, our trained technicians are committed to treating our customers right, doing our best work, and always doing the right thing.

The air conditioner in your home is part of a system that keeps you cool even on the hottest of Phoenix summer days. If one-part breaks, it can cause other parts to break, costing you more money than if the original part had been repaired or replaced.

When it comes to residential air conditioner maintenance, we offer our valued customers the Forrest Anderson Maintenance Agreement ™. Twice a year we will check the air conditioner system to be sure it’s running efficiently.


We won’t leave you in the dust.

Dust storms wreak havoc throughout the summer. Blowing dust, pollen, and pollutants cause allergies and asthma attacks in residents across the valley. Regular air conditioner maintenance will keep these pollutants out of your home, leaving them outside where they belong.

Our trained technicians recommend changing the air filter on a regular basis as part of your DIY maintenance.

Air filters that aren’t changed at least once a month, especially during dust storm season, will become clogged and make it harder for the system to work at peak efficiency resulting in higher utility bills.

Be sure you’re using the right size filters for your unit.

If you’re not sure, just ask our trained technicians.

If you’re concerned about the quality of the air in your home, consider a whole home air purifier that’s designed to clean and filter the air including eliminating pet odors and dander, viruses, and cooking odors, keeping your family healthy and comfortable.

Our team can come to your home and make recommendations for air filter, whole-home air purifier, and more.

Get your regular maintenance started, contact us today.

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