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It was 1948 in the small farming community of Rockport, Indiana. Margaret Whiting was on the radio singing her number one hit, “A Tree in the Meadow”, Chevrolet ruled the roads, and a young Forrest Anderson returned from serving in the US Navy during World War II.

Shortly after returning home, Forrest decided to put his hard-earned mechanical skills to work and founded Forrest Anderson Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, Inc.

When he started the company, he only had four rules for himself:

  • Treat your employees right

  • Treat the customer right

  • Do your best work

  • Do the right thing




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Forrest Andeson

Forrest Anderson

True to his core beliefs, Forest Anderson built his company on the foundation; that you treat your customers right, you treat your employees right, you do your best work, and always do the right thing.  And at the end of the day "Take Out the Trash".

Don Hensley - Forrest Anderson

Don Hensley

"Our word is the one thing that we have that truly matters. When we make a promise, we keep it. And if we mess up, we fix it."  Don believes that the best way to build a company is by keeping your promises to your customers.  Something his father passed along to him.

Audrey Monell - Forrest Anderson President

Audrey Monell


Forrest Anderson would be proud of his Granddaughter.  Audrey has grown up in the business and is not afraid of hard work or stereotypes .  “It doesn’t matter who you are or what position you’re in. If you’re the last one to leave the office and the trash can's full, you take out the trash.”


In 1961, Forrest and his wife Delores decided to move to Phoenix after staying there on vacation.

With over 68 years in the business, Forrest Anderson remains a family owned business (we’re now on our 3rd generation) and we’re still committed to our founder’s beliefs.

We continue to operate the business as he did, with a passionate commitment to treating our customers right, doing our best work, and always doing the right thing.

And while we started helping our neighbors in Rockport with clogged drains or bad air conditioning, we’re helping our neighbors in Phoenix do so much more.

We still fix clogged drains and we’ve evolved with our clients to provide a wide variety of services.

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