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Winter Plumbing Tips for Phoenix Homeowners

Did you wake up to a frozen lawn this morning? How can that be so if we live in wonderful Phoenix, Arizona?

Yes, Arizona residents enjoy sunny weather most days out of the year, but every now and again during those winter months, temperatures can drop. Make sure your home plumbing is prepared with some of our simple winter plumbing tips.

Don’t let your Phoenix pipes freeze! Winter Plumbing Tips

For those of you who have lived in colder places than Phoenix, you might be scratching your heads wondering why we’re talking about winter plumbing tips. While it doesn’t happen often, temperatures in the valley can dip below freezing causing problems that hammer your system and your water bill.

A burst pipe can cause water damage that is costly to repair and probably the last thing you want to see when you get home from vacation.

We recommend leaving the thermostat set at 55 degrees if you’re leaving for an extended period of time. Not only will you not be walking into a freezing cold house but it will keep your pipes warm enough to prevent them from freezing.

Frozen Pipes

Did you ever notice when you freeze a bottle of water the ice expands the bottle? The same is true if the water in your pipes freezes. To avoid the inconvenience and cost of repairs, insulate pipes with padding you can purchase at a hardware store. It’s like putting a blanket on your pipes and keeps the water from freezing.

Don’t forget to cover hose bibs, outside faucets, and exposed irrigation pipes.

If water in the house is running slowly after a cold spell, that’s a sign you have a frozen pipe and time to call the professional plumbers at Forrest Anderson.

Let it Drip

Living in a place with sunshine and heat most of the year, we sometimes forget to check the weather but it is important to keep track in the winter. If temperatures are set to be below freezing for an extended period of time, leave faucets dripping slowly, turning them off as temperatures rise.

Detach Hoses

If there is ice in your hoses, it can build up causing pressure in the pipes of your home. To avoid a disaster, remove hoses from outside faucets.

Run Water

You know the guest bathroom or sink in the garage that never get used? It’s a good idea to run water and flush toilets as temperatures drop. It will keep the system running and prevent freezing pipes.

Grease-free Drains

The holidays are often the ideal time of year to try your hand at frying foods. It might seem like a good idea to throw the grease or fat down the drain but it is not. Once it solidifies and hardens, it causes clogs that can only be cleared by a professional plumber.

Don’t let your Phoenix pipes freeze! Be prepared to wrap your pipes, detach hoses, drip water, and run faucets and toilets when temperatures dip below freezing.

If you suspect frozen pipes or having other plumbing needs, please call Forrest Anderson to schedule an appointment.

Contact us or call us at 623.780.4060 today to discuss how Forrest Anderson can help you.

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