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Why Your Restaurant Needs Hydro Jetting

Here’s a fact of life: drains get clogged. Grease, food particles, soap… Everything that can get stuck in a drain will. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to clean out your drains. Call Forrest Anderson for hydro jetting! They will make your drains squeaky-clean!

The Basics of Hydro Jetting

If you look at the name, it’s pretty simple to discern what hydro jetting is. Hydro refers to water, and jetting is water going very fast! Put them together and you have cleaning powerhouse of a fast, directed blast of water.

A plumber uses a high-pressure hose attached to a special nozzle on one end and a pressurizing machine on the other end. That machine makes the water exceptionally effective in scrubbing out the line. It pushes through grease, food, soap, and even tree roots that have come through the line.

Hydro jetting is used in drain lines that are severely clogged. That typically means kitchens and grease lines in a restaurant. With that much grease pushing through drains on a daily basis, a powerful solution is needed—one that’s a lot more powerful than even the heavy-duty version of the supermarket drain cleaner!

Why Hydro Jetting Is Great for Restaurants

Most restaurants put all kinds of things down the drain, from broth to food to grease. And all of that material clogs up the pipes, making them impossible to get through.

In the case of grease-laden pipes, not much works. Liquid drain cleaners are useless; you might as well pour your money down the drain. Even augers, the well-known “snakes” of the plumbing world, will be of little use as there’s nothing for them to grab onto.

Instead, they just poke a hole in the grease, which may allow liquids to run a bit better, but it won’t rectify the problem.

Hydro jetting is the only appropriate solution. The high-pressure water effectively scrubs the drain line to blast out the grease and clean the inside of the pipes. You end up with clean-running lines and more effective drainage!

How Often to Hydro Jet

In a restaurant setting, hydro jetting twice a year is usually sufficient. .

The tools needed for hydro jetting definitely need to be left to the professionals, given the force of the water and the scope of the job.

If you are a restaurant owner or manager and you’re experiencing slow-running drains, it may be time to consider hydro jetting! Since the process includes no chemicals, it’s safe around kitchens.

Contact Forrest Anderson to schedule your hydro jetting now. We’ll get those drains running clear in no time!

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