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Why is my toilet clogged again? What do I do next?

Clogged toilet again? It can feel embarrassing at times, right? Well, glad you came to Forrest Anderson, because it may not always be your fault. There are many different variables involved in why your toilet is clogged, some that have very little to do with you. We have three main reasons why your toilet may be clogged and three ways how you can fix it.

3 Reasons Your Toilet Is Stuffed

1) You Are Still Using An Old Toilet

We get it. You and your toilet have been through a lot together. Eventually, there comes a time when a person has to be willing to put out the old and go with the new. Older toilets become defective for many reasons but frankly, they just are not able to handle as many flushes as a newer model. They may also have more issues with the fill valve which controls the amount of water in the tank that drains into the bowl and controls the amount of water in the flush. When this mechanism fails to work, it generates a higher possibility of a clogged toilet. Newer toilets typically limit the amount of water usage making it worth the trade-in.

2) You Have A Blocked Pipe

A bathroom can be a hectic place. You never know what could possibly fall into the toilet bowl and be flushed. When something like this happens, those objects can attract other things passing through the pipes and create a blockage.

3) Sewage Line Problems

Sometimes the problem may be out of your control. There is always a possibility your sewer lines have become clogged, causing your plumbing issues. This could be due to broken pipes, tree roots growing through the sewer lines, and so on and so on. Often plumbing and sewer inspections can help regulate these big issues before they happen.

3 Ways To Unclog This Mess

1) Old School: Proper Plunger

Like most things in life, it is not what you do but how you do it. It is important to note that when using a plunger, it’s the pushing and pulling of the water that clears the stoppage and not simply the air in the plunger. When plunging your toilet, you want a plunger that has a flange or ridges. A sink would desire more of a round and flat plunger. The right tool and right amount of force are often enough to unclog your toilet.

2) Next Level: Plumbing Snake

A simple plumbing snake is another great tool. Place it in the clogged pipe and continue to twist, pull, and push to eliminate the blockage in the pipe. This can be a little riskier than a plunger because it can damage your pipes, but with correct use it is a great tool to have in your home.

3) Call A Professional

A stopped toilet is something that you should never wish on your worst enemy. It can be extremely frustrating as it interrupts your comfort and hygiene. These simple solutions can help restore your living environment to happy and healthy! If you have problem beyond your ability never hesitate to Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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