Wondering why your Air Conditioner is Not Blowing Cold Air in Phoenix, Arizona - Join The Club!

The relationship between a Phoenix Valley home owner and their Air Conditioning unit is something only a Phoenician can understand. It only takes one Phoenix summer to understand that making sure you have a happy and healthy air conditioner might just be the most important relationship in your life.

Happy HVAC = Happy Life

If your air conditioner is no longer blowing cold air, you could be in trouble. Here are a few possible issues for why your A/C is not cooling your home properly.

  • Clogged Air Filter

  • Low Refrigerant

  • Incorrect Thermostat Settings

  • Dirty Outdoor Unit

Follow us step by step to see which one of these issues can be solved by the homeowner and when it might be imperative to call Forrest Anderson for the help of a professional technician.

Clogged Air Filter

Your air filter strains air particles as it enters your home through your AC system. When it finally fills with dirt and other debris it clogs the filter and will not let air pass through. Due to this situation your AC system will struggle to keep up and fail to circulate cooled air back into your home.

This can be done by you, the homeowner. It is recommended that you check your air filter and replace it every month, especially in the summer. If after replacing the air filter you are still not feeling circulating cool air, you may be facing a larger issue. Contact the Forrest Anderson team for possible next steps to get your system back to blowing cold!

Low Refrigerant Level

Refrigerant is a liquid that is used to cool your home by removing heat from the air, the liquid is used to absorb that heat which cools off your home. If your AC system starts to run low on refrigerant than it becomes unable to absorb the heat, this means a much hotter home for you.

This issue is something that should be handled by a professional. If your system is low on refrigerant there could be a leak in the refrigerant line that a Forrest Anderson professional will need to fix. Another sign of a potential leak is hearing a bubbling/hissing sound coming from near the refrigerant line. If this is the case turn off your AC and call Forrest Anderson as soon as possible.

Thermostat Settings

If you have noticed your AC blowing both cool and lukewarm air off and on, it may be because your thermostat is set to “on”. When it’s set to “on” it runs the fan 24/7 even when the air isn’t being cooled. Try setting your thermostat to “auto” and see if that makes a difference.

This one is all on the homeowner. If this doesn't seem to help there may be a hidden problem you are unaware of.

Something to consider: If your home still has an analog thermostat, your options for energy savings are limited. With programmable thermostats, you can adjust the temperature to the exact point of your own personal comfort. For every degree you raise or lower the temperature in your home during the heat of the summer, you can save up to 2 percent on your utility bill. You don’t have to keep your air conditioning or heat on high while you’re away from home. You can create a schedule that follows your family’s routine, and keeps the temperature cool while you’re there, but eases up on the energy usage when you’re not home.

Dirty Outdoor Unit

When was the last time you went and cleaned your outdoor air conditioning unit? If you can't remember, then you might have found your problem.

Once your air conditioner’s indoor unit (the evaporator) absorbs the heat from the inside, it then transfers the heat to the outside unit (the condenser). If the outside unit is dirty, clogged, or covered in debris you need to remove the blockage so that it can release the heat. If not, your AC will struggle to cool your home. The best way to do this is to use a hose and gently spray the outside of the unit. We recommend that you do this at least twice a year.