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Who Needs a Pressure Regulator?

Are you a homeowner? Then you need a pressure regulator.

Signs of High Water Pressure

When you’re taking a shower, do you feel as if you’re standing under a fire hose? Does hand washing dishes end up with you wet from chin to belt?

These are likely signs that your home has high water pressure. In some instances, it’s a good, and welcomed, thing. There are lots of people who are whining about their weak water pressure and try to find ways to have a “real” shower. However, most of the time high water pressure is a hassle.

Somewhere around 40 psi is ideal for residential water pressure. If your home has regular pressure comes in at twice that, then you’re setting yourself up for some challenges down the line.

If You Want Your Fixtures to Last Longer

The fixtures you see, as well as the pipes you don’t, are made to withstand a lot, except for constant high-powered water. When you install a water pressure regulator, your water pressure is just right for your home.

If You’d Rather Not Replace Appliances Too Soon

Dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and water softeners are an investment.

Likely, when you made those purchases, you wanted them to last for a while. With high water pressure increasing the stress on those fancy appliances, they will have a much shorter lifespan.

If You’re Not Ready to Build an Ark

Rowboats, rafts, and arks are super cool, but not so much when you need them to escape the sudden river that’s flowing through your living room. When water pressure is too high, it weakens hoses and can result in them bursting.

So while you were expecting a lazy Sunday afternoon of laundry and football, you could be dealing with a disaster! All of which could have been avoided with the addition of a water pressure regulator. Okay, maybe not the laundry; but someone has to do it.

So How’s Your Pressure?

If your morning showers have been feeling a little too vigorous, then it’s time to call Forrest Anderson and have one of our licensed plumbers test your water pressure.

Instead of dealing with a fire hose for a faucet, consider a pressure regulator!

Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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