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What You Need to Know About an Ice Maker Water Line

If you want cold water and ice from your fridge and you don’t have an ice maker water line behind it, you’ll need one installed. This is especially true if you have an RO System (reverse osmosis). Before you go ahead and order your fridge, consider some basic information about having an ice maker water line installed in your home.

Considerations when running an ice maker water line

  • Beware of kinks and bends in the line itself. An improperly installed line with kinks in it can cause your water flow to be diminished. A bent or kinked line can occur with a plastic as well as with a copper line.

  • Avoid sharp edges anywhere near your water line. This is especially true when using a plastic water line. If a sharp object ever does puncture your line, you’ll have to run the line again.

  • Run a properly-sized water line. Sometimes it pays to leave a little slack on the ice maker water line. This will allow you to fully slide the refrigerator away from the wall without having to disconnect your line.

  • If your water pressure is low you may need to install a pump. Expect to pay between $150 and $250 for the pump itself, plus labor if this part is necessary.

How will your kitchen be affected?

In most cases, holes will be drilled. The question is whether they’re drilled in cabinets, walls, floors, a combination of these — or all of the above. In any case, don’t be alarmed when your plumbing contractor begins drilling a half inch hole inside your kitchen cabinets. Aside from some carefully placed holes to feed the new ice maker water line, your kitchen shouldn’t be drastically altered in any other way you’d easily notice.

Old fridge? Give it a good cleaning

If you’re moving an existing fridge to a new location or into a new home, give it a good cleaning before hooking up your new ice maker water line. A simple flushing with vinegar will do the trick. Ask your home contractor if they’re willing to do this for you while they’re working on your line. It’s also a good idea to do a cleaning if you’re buying and installing a used refrigerator.

One and done

Your refrigerator fits snugly into its predesignated space. The last thing you want is to be constantly wiggling your fridge out of its spot for an ice maker water line repair. To avoid this, make sure the job is done properly the first time. Thankfully, as home improvement projects go, an ice maker water line installation is actually rather straight-forward.

Can I do it myself?

While there are DIY ice maker water line installation kits available at your local home improvement store, you may want to consider your level of experience. The project will involve drilling, running pipes, and occasionally having to respond to leaks in real time.

DIY ice maker water line kits are affordable and many do claim to be “all you need” to do the job. However, what doesn’t come in the box is plumbing experience. A qualified plumber will avoid common mistakes and adhere to best practices. If plumbing isn’t your forté, definitely bring a professional in for this project.

If you’re ready to run an ice maker water line and want the expertise of the professionals, call Forrest Anderson’s team of qualified water line installation specialists. We’ll ensure your water line is properly installed so you can enjoy cold water and ice for years to come!

Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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