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Upgrade a Commercial HVAC system, is it time?

Like residential air conditioners, you’ll need to upgrade commercial HVAC systems periodically. Not only will this reduce your overall repair costs, but it can help lower your energy bills as well. Modern systems tend to be more energy-efficient, so it is in your best interest to upgrade your commercial HVAC system when the time comes. Here’s what you need to know.

Signs You Need to Upgrade Commercial HVAC

To know when it’s time to upgrade commercial HVAC systems, watch for these signs:

  • Gradually Increasing Energy Bills – Over time, your commercial HVAC system will lose efficiency. While you may not notice the difference at first, you may begin to see a pattern of higher energy bills over time. This is a sure sign that you are ready for a new system.

  • Increasing Maintenance Needs – As your system ages, you’ll also need to give it more care and maintenance. While it is smart to prolong the life span of your system to avoid replacing it too soon, you’ll likely reach a point where it is no longer cost-effective to keep up with the repairs.

  • Strange Smells or Noises – You shouldn’t notice a properly working HVAC system when it is running. If you start hearing unusual noises or smelling foul odors, there is undoubtedly something wrong with your system. In many cases, it will be better to replace the system than to try to repair it.

Considerations for Commercial HVAC Systems

When you need to upgrade commercial HVAC systems, you’ll need to consider how you will be using the system. This way, your HVAC provider will be able to recommend the best type of system to meet your needs. Here’s what you’ll need to take into account:

  • Building Size – As you might expect, a smaller facility won’t need as robust a system as a larger building. When evaluating the size of your business facility, be sure to take into account any plans for future growth. This will ensure your system is able to accommodate your needs both now and in the future.

  • Typical Occupancy – You’ll also need to think about how your employees and customers will be using the facility. You may have greater heating and cooling needs in some areas than others. Think about seasonal changes to your workforce as well.

  • Heat-Generating Equipment – Your facility may have certain equipment that produces a lot of heat or that needs to be kept at a particular temperature, like computer servers. Be sure your technician knows about these specific needs so that they can recommend a system that will work best for you.

Other Considerations

Don’t forget to take into account the installation process. It pays to work with a qualified installer to upgrade commercial HVAC systems. These systems differ markedly from residential systems, so residential installers may not have the skills and expertise to get the job done right. To ensure your new commercial HVAC system is installed properly, look for an HVAC company with specific experience in working with commercial businesses. While this may cost you a bit more upfront, it will be well worth it for your peace of mind and the ongoing health of your system.

Work with the Experts at Forrest Anderson

For all your commercial HVAC needs in Greater Phoenix, you can count on the Forrest Anderson team. We are proud to work with commercial businesses throughout the area and will ensure your system is fully operational. Whether you need maintenance on your existing unit or it is time to upgrade commercial HVAC in your facility, we are here to help. Call now to get started.

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