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Top 5 gifts in home automation

Home automation has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Whether you want to organize your home, order something, or adjust the temperature in your home, you can do all of it with your voice or even with pre-programming. Making your life easier is as simple as getting the right kind of home automation, and this technology makes great gifts for the people you care the most about.

Smart Lights

Remembering to turn the lights on and off can be a chore, especially when it is difficult to get just the right light level. Several companies now make smart lights that are sometimes as simple as a few bulbs and a device that works with Bluetooth or the Internet. You can use these lights to make your home a little dimmer when your eyes are getting tired. Or to make your home brighter when you want to focus on something. You could even to turn them on and off to help you navigate.

There are apps available that let you turn on the lights to make it look like you are home for added security, too. These can be manual or activated from your phone anywhere in the world. You can also pre-program them to go on and off based on the time of day or the light levels outside.

Smart Power

For years, there have been devices that you plug into the wall and can then plug appliances into that let you set their on and off times.

Nowadays, there are some amazing advancements in this type of home automation because you can activate them from your phone.

Using apps, these smart power stations let you turn on a lamp, a sound system, your TV, or anything else you want to plug in. This can make it look like you are home, entertain your pets, or make your home more inviting.

Voice and Accomplishing Everything

There was a time when everything was on a dial, a switch, a button, or a knob. While this made life far more convenient than having to light oil lamps and stack wood in a fireplace, the modern world is even better. These days, there are a host of different home automation systems that allow you to activate virtually anything in your home.

Whether you want to look up something, place an order, make calls, send texts, do searches for news stories and recipes, or even get some extra poinsettias delivered to your home, you can by simply talking to the system. You can also combine this voice command with other smart home devices for an almost sci-fi level of control over your home.

Early Warning System

Do you ever wonder if the car you just heard means someone is coming to the door? Now there are sensors that can trigger cameras to let you know if it is the pizza guy, your in-laws, or an intruder. What you do with that information is up to you.

Warming and Cooling

Your heat and AC are easy to adjust — when you are home. Interestingly enough, there are now apps that work on your thermostat, so you can adjust the temperature on your way home or if you have to stay away late.

Getting Help With Home Automation

Do you want help with your heating and cooling being automated, but are unsure where to start?

Contact Forrest Anderson today and we’ll recommend the best options for your home and your needs. There are plenty of ways home automation can make you and your family’s lives much better.

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