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Top 3 benefits of an electric heat pump

When the temperature increase outside, you’ll want a way to make sure your Phoenix home stays cool. With an electric heat pump system, you can enjoy having a cozy home all summer long. This type of heating and cooling system offers a few other notable benefits as well.

Air Conditioning & Heating in One

As the name would imply, electric heat pumps don’t just warm up your home. During summer, you can use heat pumps to keep your home cool. These systems are able to switch from heating to cooling and back again depending on your needs by simply reversing the way the system works.

With one system that heats and cools your home, you can save on the cost of installation, maintenance and repairs. When you have a furnace and central air conditioner, you have separate heating and cooling systems to worry about maintaining and repairing. With regular maintenance, you can keep your heat pump in good operating condition for years.

Electric Heat Pumps

What are electric heat pumps, and how do they work? These systems are essentially and air conditioning unit and by reversing the way coolant moves through the system they can either heat or cool. These systems don’t produce heat as furnaces do. Instead, they rely on exchanging the heat or cold in the outside air to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Energy and Cost Savings

Electric heat pumps don’t use as much energy as traditional heating and cooling systems do. This means you’ll have a more energy-efficient system that helps cut back on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year. You’ll have a system that runs on cleaner energy as well rather than using natural gas or other fossil fuels.

Using your heat pump when it’s cold or hot out should end up costing you less overall compared to using a gas or electric furnace for heating your home and a central air conditioning system for cooling it. This is an important benefit to keep in mind, since these heat pumps typically cost more to install. Although you might pay more at first, you can expect to recover these costs over the years through lower heating and cooling bills.

Interior Comfort

Relying on electric heat pumps for heating and cooling can make homes feel more comfortable. Unlike traditional systems, these heat pumps don’t dry out the air in your home as much. Air that’s too dry can irritate your skin and cause other problems. Using a heat pump means you’ll have a lower chance of needing to use a humidifier to increase the moisture levels in the air inside your home.

Heat pumps tend to run more quietly than other heating and cooling systems. Forced air furnaces can produce a significant amount of noise when they come on during winter. Heat pumps do make some sound, but they are usually not as loud as furnaces when they run. With one of these pumps, you can look forward to having a comfortably heated or cooled interior without all the noise.

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Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies

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