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Thermostat Vacation Setting in Phoenix, AZ

Many people forget that thermostat vacation setting is an important way to save energy and money while they are away from home. The same principles can even be applied while you are away at work. However, you will notice the savings most of all when you are away for a week or more at a time.

Keeping the System Running

A lot of homeowners think turning off the system entirely will save the most energy. This is technically true, but there are problems with this. Primarily, turning off your air conditioning can cause your home and its contents to suffer heat-related damage from the blistering Arizona heat. In addition to this, your AC also filters and circulates air throughout your home. After a while, this can lead to a stale smell and the accumulation of dust more quickly. As well, most AC units actually function better and more efficiently when they operate over long periods of time. Because of this, turning up or down the temperature with your thermostat vacation setting is better than turning off the system.

Heat: Rarely a Thermostat Vacation Setting Issue

It is important to remember that even if you do leave during the winter months, Arizona is not known for excessively cold temperatures. The area rarely freezes, even in the depths of winter. When you consider your thermostat vacation setting, nine times out of 10 you will only be concerned with ensuring that your home stays reasonably warm in the winter.

A Few Degrees of Temperature Separation

When you think about your thermostat vacation setting, you need to think about the golden mean. On the one hand, adjusting too high can leave your home sweltering. Further, it can put the system through a difficult time when it is time to cool your home back down.

Because of this, only adjusting the temperature upward four to 6 degrees is the ideal thermostat vacation setting. This keeps the system from over-working while keeping the system functional throughout your time away from home.

Pet Concerns While You’re Away

One issue that some people forget until it is too late is their pets. Often, having furry friends that you may not take on vacation leads to a dilemma about the settings. Keeping the temperature in your thermostat vacation setting only a few degrees warmer keeps your pets from sweltering while continuing to save you money on cooling. It may be wise to put out extra water or ask your house-sitter to do so. It’s important to ensure your pets do not become dehydrated in the higher temperatures.

Smart Options for Your Thermostat Vacation Setting

Programmable thermostats were one of the best money-saving inventions of the 20th century. They allowed you to set your thermostat based on a plan for when you would leave and come back. However, they have been eclipsed by the newer technology of smart thermostats. A smart thermostat is a way to both pre-set your thermostat and to be able to adjust it from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. If the vacation plan changes, your thermostat vacation setting can also change.

Getting Help When You Need It

Sometimes the issue of thermostat vacation setting can get confusing. If you are not up on smart home technology and using smart thermostats, you may need some help. Getting in touch with Forrest Anderson can be a wise move, as the professionals can walk you through all of it.

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