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Struggling to save on your energy bills this summer? Forrest Anderson has some important info!

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - You know it is summer in Arizona when you walk outside and immediately start sweating. The one thing during this heat you want is relief. To achieve maximum efficiency you want to make sure your home is nice and cool without raising your electric bills too high.

A local Arizonan, Audrey Monell, is the president and third-generation of Forrest Anderson Plumbing and Air Conditioning. Monell says there are ways to make your air conditioning system more effective but also save you the anxiety and fear from looking at your power bill. Click on the video link above to learn more or click here

SRP gives Arizonans tips on how to save money on energy bills here are steps you can take to reduce your energy usage.

Here are some tips from Forrest Anderson Plumbing on hos to keep cool and save money:

  • Keep the thermostats up to 72-78 degrees or higher. It will save you cooling costs that you would see if you turn your air conditioner on and off. Cheaper to keep it on.

  • If you want to save more money on your bill, drop the temperature to 68 to 70 degrees until 3 p.m. Then during peak hours, keep at 80-84 degrees.

  • Use shade windows - Make sure your blinds and curtains are closed by 9 a.m. to block the sunlight.

  • Use ceiling fans and desk fans to circulate air.

  • Switch to LED's because they use 75% less energy and last 50% longer.

  • Keep internal doors open to lessen the air pressure.

  • Replace air filters more frequently.

  • Check appliances - avoid using large appliances during peak energy levels.

  • Unplug small appliances when you aren't using them.

  • Use the grill, microwaves, a toaster oven, Instapot, or anything but the oven and stove to make your meal because the oven/stove tend to make your kitchen hotter when in use. 

  • Inspect your A/C unit regularly and make sure furniture isn't blocking any airflow.

  • Seal any leaks around the doors and windows. Source: PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)

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