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Spring Training Isn’t Just for Baseball, It’s For A/C Units Too!

Forrest Anderson offers tips to get air conditioners ready for the upcoming season

GLENDALE, Ariz. (February 27, 2023) – Every year at the end of February, people from across the nation gather in Arizona to watch professional baseball players prepare for the long upcoming season. Similar to these ball players, air conditioning units need to gear up for a long season ahead – Arizona’s summer. That’s why Forrest Anderson Plumbing and A/C, a third-generation Glendale-based HVAC company, wants to help homeowners ensure their A/C units are in mid-season form ahead of Monsoon season.

When a team’s best pitcher, the ace, is throwing, it’s best for them to pitch as efficiently and for as long as possible before calling in a reliever. Similarly, Arizona homeowners want their A/C units to run efficiently for as long as they can. Here are some tips to help avoid calling in a “reliever” for an air conditioner.

Replace the air filters. Air filters can build up months’ worth of dirt, dust and other debris. This could negatively impact the flow and efficiency of the air conditioner, making it work harder and costing homeowners more money.

Clean the drain. A/C units have a small drip line on the exterior of the system. This is a drain that removes condensation produced by the A/C, preventing any algae or mold to grow inside it. Make sure to clean this drip line or homeowners might end up with high humidity, musty odors or water leaks inside their homes.

“Between the intense winds we are seeing now and the monsoons and heat that we’ll face later, Arizonans will soon be caught in the middle of extreme weather,” said Audrey Monell, President of Forrest Anderson Plumbing an A/C. “This all takes a heavy toll on A/C units and can leave homeowners with uncomfortable circumstances. Just completing simple tasks can help make sure your A/C is ready for the upcoming season.”

Forrest Anderson Plumbing and A/C also reminds Arizonans to look out for signs that suggest an A/C unit needs some attention.

“Having little to no air blow from vents, warm air flow, unusual noises coming from the A/C unit, foul odors, and higher cooling bills are all signs that a repair to an A/C is needed,” added Monell. “These are all common signs that could be costly when not caught early. Unfortunately, many people don’t see these signs and are left without an A/C for a long time.”

Arizona has harsh weather, so it is important to gear up the equipment needed to be comfortable throughout the upcoming seasons. For more information about how to prepare an A/C unit and a home’s plumbing equipment for this year’s summer, visit

About Forrest Anderson Plumbing and Air Conditioning:

Forrest Anderson Plumbing and Air Conditioning has been providing exceptional service to the Phoenix area since 1961. A third-generation family business, Forrest Anderson remains committed to its founder’s core beliefs: treat your customers right, treat your employees right, do your best work, and always do the right thing. Forrest Anderson technicians operate under a four-point service model (understand, discuss, solve and deliver) to provide a consistent, high-quality experience each and every time. ROC: O68884, O80357, O68784, O32411. For more information, call 623-780-4060 or visit

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