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Restaurant Plumbing Needs

Restaurateurs don’t usually pay attention to the plumbing until there is a problem. A clogged drain, backed up toilet, or a broken grease trap are among the most common restaurant plumbing problems.

When these problems are ignored, they can become disasters, causing damage not only to plumbing but damaging the floors or walls of your restaurant.

Avoid a disaster with regular plumbing maintenance.

Toilets & Sinks

If you’ve got a busy restaurant, you can almost guarantee regular problems with toilets and sinks. Even with the most careful use, busy restaurant kitchens and bathrooms experience wear and tear faster than most other establishments.

Clogs and mineral deposit build-up from the hard water in Phoenix are the most common issues making it important to have routine plumbing maintenance. We can clear clogs and replace parts as needed and before you have to hang the closed sign on the bathroom, or worse, the restaurant.

FOG – Fats, Oils, & Grease

Customers eat at your restaurant. Dishes are bussed to the kitchen where they’re rinsed, washed, and put back into use. Seems like a simple process but not if the grease trap isn’t working or isn’t installed in the right place in your restaurant.

If your restaurant produces a high amount of FOG – fats, oils, and grease – you likely have a grease trap installed in the plumbing system. Designed to catch FOG before it hits the municipal sewer system, grease traps should be strategically placed.

Too far from the drain and fats get into the drained water.

Too close to the dishwasher and the hot water melts grease, sending a fatty mess into the sewer system and creating the potential for build-up in the pipes of your establishment.

Make sure you can get to the grease trap so that it can be properly cleaned.

All too often we see them installed below larger appliances, making it almost impossible to clean. Left untouched, it will clog and overflow causing a flood and damage to your restaurant.

As a restaurateur the last thing you want to worry about is if the plumbing is working. Regular plumbing maintenance puts your mind at rest and keeps your restaurant running smoothly.

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