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Regular HVAC Maintenance Matters

You walk in from a long day at the office on a hot summer night and all you want to do is put your feet up and enjoy your cool home. The joke is on you. The air conditioner broke. It’s over 100 degrees indoors and you can’t get help until the next day.

No one wants this scenario to happen to you.

That’s why we recommend a regular maintenance plan to all our customers.

At Forrest Anderson we believe the best you can do for your cooling and heating system is to have it checked at least twice a year.

Why does regular maintenance matter?

No one likes surprises.

We never want our customers to enter a home that is anything less than a pleasant temperature.

And we never want our customers to have the unexpected news that their air conditioner needs to be replaced.

We want you to be prepared.

During regular maintenance, we perform diagnostic tests and inspect the entire system. From the box on the ground or roof to the ductwork and vents, we want to keep the unit clean and fix repairs before they become major issues.

If one part isn’t working, it puts strain on the rest of the unit, making it work harder to keep your family comfortable. When the system is working hard, it’s costing you in higher utility bills.

Parts wear out but they can also be damaged by debris that enters the system. We inspect and clear dust, dirt, leaves, and sticks that are potential problems. This is especially important after Phoenix dust storms.

If your unit is on the ground, we recommend checking and clearing unwanted items.

During regular maintenance, we inspect the unit for parts that are worn and in need of replacement.

We won’t replace parts or the unit until we have your approval.

Working with you, we have a plan to keep your system running safely and efficiently.

There will come a time when regular maintenance isn’t going to keep your system running smoothly or cost effectively. If it’s more than ten years old, it’s time to think about replacement.

Forrest Anderson offers the Forrest Anderson Loyalty Maintenance Plan ™ as well as financing for new units.

We won’t leave you out in the heat (or cold).

Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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