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Ready to Turn On Your AC For The First Time? Consider This...

Nothing quite like the joy of April. Beautiful weather, spring training games, open windows, and low electricity bills are typical for most Phoenix Valley homeowners during the spring months.

That being said, we know that the Arizona sunshine and heatwaves are going to return! Is your AC unit ready for the heat?

Learn how to turn on central air after not running your unit for several months.

How To Turn On Central Air For the First Time

All you have to do is make sure all of your windows are shut, then push the button on your thermostat, right?

Not exactly.

To make sure your HVAC system continues to run properly and for the sake of your health, there are a couple of important maintenance steps to take before jumpstarting your AC so you can enjoy the escape from the summer heat.

Inspect the Outdoor Unit

Take a look at your outdoor HVAC unit. If you insulated it by using condenser covers, coil blankets, or lids, remove them — you would be surprised at the number of homeowners who actually forget this step. Leaving any portion of the outdoor unit covered while running the air conditioning can be extremely damaging to the system — resulting in huge HVAC repair bills.

Next, do a visual inspection of the unit. Are any of the panels missing, misaligned, or damaged? If so, make a note of the damage and call in the Forrest Anderson HVAC professionals. These panels are used to protect the unit’s electrical connections, make sure that they are treated with care.

Inspect your pipes and their installation next. Animals and weather can cause damage to the insulating of the large copper pipe on the unit. If this is the case you will need to replace this part or have a Forrest Anderson HVAC technician fix it for you. This is crucial before starting your air conditioning unit.

Lastly, remove debris from around the outdoor unit. Leaves, twigs, mulch, garbage, or any other items that might disrupt the performance of your AC unit should be easy to identify and remove.

Inspect the Indoor System

After the outdoor unit is inspected it is time to move inside. Replacing your air filters is a must before starting up your AC unit. Over time these filters can pick up an excess of debris and dust that clog up your indoor air filter. Changing it out for a fresh one will allow your system to work more efficiently, which will help you save on AC costs!

This is a chore you can most likely perform yourself, but if you are not comfortable doing so, simply mention it to your Forrest Anderson service technician.

Next, take a look at the supply and return air grills and vents. Are they open? Do they have any noticeable debris? Answer these questions before starting the AC.

Lastly, check the coil drainage hose. This needs to be emptied properly into a tray or directly into a drain. Make sure it’s attached correctly and generally in good condition. Problems with the coil drainage hose can lead to a basement flood and potentially expensive water damage.

When Should I Turn On My Air Conditioner?

The answer to this question isn’t “when temps start reaching the 90's” If you wait until you absolutely need the air conditioning, only to discover there’s a problem with the system, you’re going to regret it during an Arizona summer.

Choose a day when you’ll be at home, doing other spring chores, or just relaxing. Turn the system on, wait for a few minutes, then check to see if cool air is coming out of the vents. If you don’t feel any air at all, or if there is air coming from the vent that’s not cold, there is a problem somewhere in the system.

It shouldn’t take any more than a few minutes. So if you are still searching for cold hour hours later, you may have a problem.

If the AC takes a long time to turn on, or blows warm air, or isn’t blowing at all, that’s a sign that you should get the system checked out by Forrest Anderson. They know how to turn on central air and evaluate your system. If repairs are necessary, you will be glad to get this issue resolved well before you start sweltering in the Arizona heat.

Beat the Arizona Heat

Right now, the Arizona weather feels wonderful. Short sleeves and shorts are a weekend go-to! We're talking windows down the type of weather! But be aware, temperatures are climbing and those 100-degree temps will be here before we know it.

Taking the time to inspect your HVAC system now, and to resolve any small problems you might discover, will pay off when the heat waves start to happen. Keeping your filters, ducts, coils, and hoses in good condition will not only ensure your comfort later on in the summer, but it will also forestall expensive damages and repairs.

The Air Conditioning Team You Can Trust!

Our friendly, experienced, and professional techs will get everything squared away for you. With decades of experience serving the Phoenix Valley, there are not many HVAC issues that our technicians haven't seen. We can help make sure your home is ready for the summer months.

Call Forrest Anderson today if you have any questions about the condition of your air conditioner, or if you simply want to schedule routine maintenance.

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