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Protect Your Family from Chromium 6 in Arizona

We all want to protect our families. After all, it’s just part of our human nature. But have you considered the levels of chromium 6 in Arizona water supplies? You may not have even heard of this element or know how it could be hurting your family.

What is Chromium 6?

Chromium is a tasteless and odorless metallic element. It is found naturally in plants, rocks, soil, and volcanic dust. It is the 21st most abundant element in earth’s crust. A major source of chromium 6 in drinking water originates from volcanic geologic formations. The other way we get chromium 6 in Arizona water is from factories, who’s pollution contaminates our water supply.

When you add chromium 6 and chromium 3 together you create chromium, the metal. While 3 is a required nutrient with low toxicity, chromium 6 is toxic and has been known to cause cancer when consumed. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lumps them together, assuming that chromium measurements are 100% chromium 6.

The Dangers of Chromium 6 in Arizona

The movie Erin Brockovich brought concerns about chromium 6 to the forefront of America’s consciousness. Since then, studies have been conducted on the element’s pervasiveness in our water supply.

A 2013 study by the Environmental Working Group found chromium 6 in Arizona as well as in most states in the country. In fact, 31 of 35 cities tested for the element. According to the study, chromium 6 exceeded the California EPA’s goal of .02 parts per million in every city where it showed up.

How to Protect Your Family from Chromium 6

Thankfully, there is a relatively simple fix to protect your family from the dangers of chromium 6 in Arizona drinking water. The solution is as easy as purchasing a new water-filtration system.

Many reverse osmosis filters have been certified to remove chromium 6 in Arizona, in addition to other contaminants. This cost-effective solution makes your drinking water safe, plus it will taste better too.

Reverse osmosis works by filtering water through a semipermeable membrane. Think of it as a coffee filter, through which the water flows, leaving trace elements behind. In addition to chromium 6, reverse osmosis will remove arsenic, barium, copper, lead, and fluoride.

Reverse osmosis removes significantly more contaminants from water than standard carbon filters.

Contact Forrest Anderson for More Information

While the thought of chromium 6 in Arizona drinking water may be new to you, it’s not new to Forrest Anderson. We help customers choose and purchase reverse osmosis systems to protect their families. Plus, we maintain and service them as well. Contact us to learn more and to clean up your water.

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