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Pros and cons of extending your home gas line to an outdoor grill

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy outdoor meals with your family. With an outdoor grill, you can make a wide range of dinners or lunches that the whole family can enjoy together. One option that you’ll find with grills is connecting a home gas line to them rather than relying on charcoal or propane tanks for fuel. Doing this comes with certain pros and cons that you should know about before deciding whether to use a gas line.

Pro: Constant Fuel Source

When you use your home gas line for grilling, you never have to worry about running out of fuel. With a gas line, you don’t have to refill propane tanks or buy more charcoal. Instead, all you have to do is turn your grill on, and you’ll have a steady supply of natural gas for grilling your food.

Con: Fixed Location

Once you have your natural gas grill in place, you won’t be able to change its location. Connecting a gas line to your outdoor grill involves having the grill installed in a specific location on your patio or deck. After this is done, you can’t move your grill to another area. If you’re considering having a gas line for your grill, it’s important to make sure that you put the grill in the most suitable location.

Pro: Cheaper Fuel

Running a grill on natural gas costs less than using a grill that needs propane. You’re already paying your natural gas company for your home’s gas supply. Having a grill connected to your gas line might raise your gas bill overall, but it’s still less expensive than having to keep propane tanks in stock at your home.

Con: Higher Initial Cost

If you’re worried about staying within a certain price range for your budget, keep in mind that natural gas grills usually cost more to install. Although you might pay more to have a natural gas grill connected to your gas line, remember that you’ll pay less over the years in terms of fuel costs. This can help make up for the higher initial amount you spend on the installation process.

Pro: More Convenience

Using a natural gas grill means you only have to turn your grill on in order for it to work. With other grills, you either have to deal with replacing propane tanks or making sure you have a steady supply of charcoal around. Being able to rely on your home gas line for fuel turns outdoor grilling into a more convenient experience.

Con: Possible Safety Risk

Natural gas grills are safe to use as long as you install them correctly and remember to turn them off completely. With this type of grill being so simple to turn on, it’s easy to forget to shut it off after grilling. Make sure that you or a loved one remembers to turn your natural gas grill off when it’s not in use. Otherwise, your grill could end up being a fire hazard that puts you and your family in danger.

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