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Prepare your air conditioning unit for winter in Phoenix

After the intense heat of summer here in Phoenix, you are probably ready for the cooler weather of winter. Your air conditioning unit is likely ready for a break as well after all the hard work of keeping your home cool. However, it is not enough to simply turn off your system and hope for the best. If you want it to be ready to go when next summer rolls around, now is the time to give your air conditioning unit some care and attention. Here’s what you need to do.

Preparing Your Air Conditioning Unit for Winter

Winters here in Phoenix aren’t as harsh as in some other areas of the country, but you should still take steps to protect your air conditioner from the long period of non-use. For starters, turn off the unit so that it doesn’t come on if a particular day is unseasonably warm. Not only will this give your unit the rest it needs, but it will also prevent unnecessary spikes in your energy bills.

Next, take the time to give your air conditioning unit a good cleaning. Sweep the area around it to remove any leaves, twigs and other debris. This will prevent it from getting inside the unit on windy days. Use a handheld vacuum to remove any debris that has accumulated around the vents along the sides and top of the unit as well.

Because of the heat exchange that takes place in your air conditioner make sure to check the insulation on any pipes running to or from the unit. Your home likely already has this insulation in place, but check to ensure it isn’t cracked or worn. Replace any insulation that is no longer in good condition.

If your home has a separate air conditioning and heating unit, it’s a good idea to keep the outside part of your air conditioner clean. Periodically check for small animals taking up residence inside. Check on everything every week or two to ensure it is still clean and clear of animals.

Now that your air conditioner is no longer running, it is the perfect time to have a technician perform routine maintenance. This will alert you to any potential issues so you have time to budget for repairs before next summer. This way, your system will be ready to go when temperatures rise once again.

The Perils of Not Winterizing Your AC Unit

Without proper care before winter, you could be in for a nasty surprise next summer. When the weather warms up again, the last thing you want is to discover that your air conditioning unit is no longer working. The beginning of summer is peak season for air conditioning repair technicians, so you may have to wait a while for a service appointment. Handling maintenance tasks now will ensure you can get the service you need in a timely manner.

We Can Help Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Ready for Winter in Phoenix

You can likely handle many of the maintenance tasks described above on your own.

However, to fully prepare your air conditioner for winter, you’ll need a professional to service it. The experts here at Forrest Anderson will gladly help you out with this. Our technicians are highly experienced in preparing units for the winter. This means that we know exactly what to do to get your air conditioning unit ready for the off-season. Get in touch with us today to schedule a service appointment.

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