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Moving the shower in a bathroom renovation

When you decide to renovate your bathroom, one of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether or not to move your shower. Moving the shower might be a good option if it improves the overall appearance and layout of your bathroom. For example, you might end up with more space or you might have a bathroom that has a more streamlined or visually appealing appearance if you put the shower in another part of the room. However, there are certain factors to think about if you’re considering this type of project.

Moving the Shower Drain

If you plan to place your shower in another part of your bathroom, keep in mind that you will need to move the drain too. The shower drain helps prevent water from backing up into your bathroom and causing extensive damage, so it’s important to ensure that you installed a new drain correctly. Keep in mind that an incorrectly installed and sealed drain also runs the risk of allowing sewer gases into your home, which is a serious health hazard. Depending on where you decided to move the shower, this can end up being a major plumbing project.

You’ll also need to make sure that this work is done in compliance with city and state plumbing codes for safety reasons.


Moving the shower to another area of your bathroom might also mean needing to have new pipes installed. If you are going to move the shower only a short distance from where it currently is, especially if it’s on the same wall, you might not need to have this done. However, moving the shower to the opposite side of the bathroom or to a different wall more than likely means that you’ll need to have new pipes installed for it. You have to do this project correctly in order to prevent serious water damage to your home.

Water and Moisture Barriers

Water and moisture barriers are an essential part of your shower. These barriers help protect the underlying wooden structures in your home from water damage. Barriers prevent water from the shower from seeping into the floor and walls. Instead, the water flows across the barriers, into the shower pan, and down the drain. This is another part of your bathroom renovation project that needs to be done with expert care to reduce the risk of water damage in your home. If you install barriers incorrectly it could end up allowing water to penetrate your walls and floor.

Shower Head

When moving a shower, you’ll also need to install the shower head in the new location. You can either have your current shower head reinstalled or choose a brand new one. If you have an older showerhead, switching to a new one during this renovation is typically a better option. This also requires plumbing expertise, especially if you decided to attach the shower head to newly installed pipes.

If you’re considering moving the shower in your bathroom, please contact Forrest Anderson. We can help you out with your bathroom renovation, especially if you need to move pipes or have new ones installed.

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