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Living With Fido Doesn't Have To Be A Plumbing Nightmare!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Bringing home a new pet is a monumental life event. Walking in the front door with that new furry friend can win you a parent of the year award or walk you into the spouse hall of fame. After that initial excitement and immediate love for the pet, the logistics of keeping this animal alive, well, and happy fall upon your shoulders. For a first time pet owner, it is crucial to understand the relationship between plumbing and your pet. Especially when spring and summer are around the corner and that hair is bound to start falling down.

How to make sure your plumbing is ready for the new addition to your family? Look no further because Forrest Anderson has the answer!

  • Wash your Pets Outdoors:

We get it. Washing Fido in the bath in the house can be a lot easier but it can wreck havoc on your plumbing system. When the heat starts to rise here in Arizona, animals like dogs start to shed and before you know it, you have hair everywhere. Remember all the hair you tried to pick off your couch earlier? Think of all that hair now trying to go down your bathroom drain. Save the plumbing nightmare by washing you pet outside. If you must wash your pet inside in the bathtub, use a drain stopper to keep all that hair from flowing and clogging your drain. By doing this, your pet is going to be squeaky clean and you are going to avoid a horrible mess.

  • Close the Toilet Lid:

Sometimes it is hard to understand the reason our pets do what they do. No matter how much clean, good water you put in their water bowl for some reason that toilet water just seems to hit the spot. Make sure that your toilet lid is closed and their is always plenty of water in their bowls. This will protect your pets from the chemical residue that is left in the toilet bowl after being cleaned and keep even the smaller pets from falling in the toilet bowl altogether. There have even been cases where things like snakes and rodents have found their way into a homes plumbing pipes. If something like this happens, a plumber might have to open up your wall to remove the animal. This can become an aggravation you just don't need.

  • Cat Litter Goes in the Trash

There are times that certain kitty litters say that is ok to flush down the toilet. Trust what you know to be true! Save the hassle and place kitty litter in the trash and save the toilet for what is used for. Waste and toilet paper people. Waste and toilet paper.

  • Watch Exposed Pipes:

Pets are typically curious little animals. With time on their hands they are bound to explore and test any and everything. This exploration can lead to pipes both inside and outside. Be cautious of this and make sure your pipes are hidden because a chewed through pipe could lead to a trip to the vet, an expensive plumbing fix or, even worse, a flood.

  • Be Mindful of Where your Dog Digs:

Most sewer lines are built to be buried deep into the ground. Some animals (bark bark) don't care. Some lines may not be as deep as they need to be and the last thing you need is for them to be dug up. Have a good understanding where it is ok for your animals to dig to prevent further issues.

There is nothing like having a family pet. The bonds and the relationship you build with these animals are unforgettable, but make sure they are safe and your home is safe. Have your pet and plumbing relationship be a good one this spring.

If your furry friend has clogged your pipes and you need help, go with the best quality plumbing team in Arizona, Forrest Anderson! We are there to help you with all of your plumbing and cooling needs! Contact Forrest Anderson Today! 623.780.4060 or visit us online at

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