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Keeping the Pigeons Warm in the Winter

It’s fun to be popular but what if your roof is so warm you’re hosting the neighborhood pigeons?

You might have a leak in the duct work of your home that’s causing the heat to leak into your attic, warming the roof, and creating the perfect gathering place for pigeons. It’s time to call Forrest Anderson to find the source of the problem.

The heating and air conditioning system is more than the box that’s on your roof. It’s the whole system that runs air through your home.

When ducts are leaky, improperly sized and sealed, disconnected, or dirty, it causes an imbalance of the pressure of your home, making you uncomfortable, and causing the system to run inefficiently.

In fact, duct leakage is one of the costliest energy wasters. As much as 20% of the air circulated through the system is leaked through bad duct work. You’re literally paying to warm your attic where we’re pretty sure you spend little to no time.

Instead of paying for something you never use, let’s figure out the problem and find a solution.

Your home may have leaky duct work if…

  • It’s challenging to heat or cool

  • Above average utility bills

  • Hot or cold areas of the home

  • Visible damage to duct work

Any of these can cause unbalanced pressure.

Ideally pressure is neutral. The same amount of air is pulled into the system as the system is pushing back out to the home. But that’s not always the case.

If there is a leak, there may be 900 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air pulled from the home into the heater and 1,000 cfm is pushed back into the home.

That means there’s positive or unbalanced pressure. The unit is working against the pressure to keep the temperature at the thermostat setting. The result is high utility bills and a lot of hot air in the attic that’s keeping the pigeons warm in the winter.

While finding and repairing the leak will help balance the system, we must also express the importance of hiring trained professionals to do this work.

A system that is sealed too tightly can cause more problems than a leaky one.

You may unintentionally reduce the air flow enough that the evaporator coil freezes, the compressor burns out, or the heat exchanger cracks. That can cost much more than fixing leaky duct work.

If you suspect leaky duct work and are tired of the pigeons making you popular, it’s time to make an appointment with the trained professionals at Forrest Anderson.

Contact us or call us at 623.780.4060 today to discuss how Forrest Anderson can help you

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