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Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Causing You To Have A Sore Throat?

Temps in the Phoenix area are starting to rise, and that means it is time to turn on your AC unit. One of the most commonly asked questions, when you turn on your AC unit for the first time, is, “Why does my throat feel sore.” Can an air conditioner cause you to get a sore throat? Yes, it can! Air conditioners help to remove humidity from the air, which in turn can leave you feeling a little more parched than usual, especially when you first get up in the morning. Can you blame your air conditioner for all of your health concerns? Probably not. In reality, your air conditioner may be doing more good to help your health than you think!

Why do i have a sore throat?

The primary explanation for feeling this way is the change in your indoor air quality. When you turn your air conditioner on, it is essentially “conditioning” the air that is enclosed in a specific space. As it functions, it accomplishes the following tasks:

  • It removes humidity from the air.

  • It expels hot air outside of the home or building.

  • It recycles cooled air.

  • It provides routine airflow.

During the air conditioning process, moisture is removed from the air. As this takes place in a closed room, the room can become excessively dry. As a result, you may experience issues, like:

  • Dryness of your throat and mouth

  • Itchiness in your eyes and skin

  • Soreness in your muscles

Some people with allergies and pre-existing conditions are more prone to symptoms as a result of dry air. However, if you notice you get a sore throat commonly around the time that you run your air conditioner, it may be time to take a few preventative measures for your health!

Reasons why you may be feeling a sore throat coming on

If you notice that you feel a sore throat coming on and you don’t have any other flu-like symptoms, then you may need to take some preventative steps. The first step in preventing more sore throats due to your air conditioning system is to resolve any issues that are causing it to dry up the air more than it usually should. You may need to address the following issues:

  • Poor AC Installation – Over time, air conditioning insulation can degrade from weathering, UV rays and poor installation causing a loss of effectiveness. When insulation loses its ability to insulate, energy is lost and the equipment must work harder to maintain the desired indoor comfort level. For the sake of your health and your wallet, make sure you hire a qualified HVAC contractor like Forrest Anderson to install your AC unit.

  • Poor AC Maintenance – Dirty air filters are a telltale sign that your home is at risk of poor indoor air quality and poor airflow. Remember, you need to schedule HVAC maintenance at least twice a year for your heating and cooling systems. Nobody likes a dirty air filter!

  • Keeping AC Vents Open – Many people wonder if there are benefits to closing or opening your vents? You may take a glimpse at your energy bill and wonder whether or not it makes sense to close the vents or keep them open for lower heating and cooling costs. In fact, closing air vents can be detrimental to your home’s HVAC system, and the benefits of keeping the vents open outweigh the costs. HVAC systems in typical homes are designed specifically for that space. In other words, the home’s heating and cooling will work to heat or cool the entire square footage of the indoor living areas. Closing them can, over time, create an environment in your ductwork that is a perfect breeding ground for infections and also makes the air stagnate in your home.

In Phoenix, having a properly functioning Air conditioning unit is a modern necessity and luxury that we simply can’t do without. Used correctly, you can enjoy the benefits of air conditioning every day in your cool, temperate home. If you do notice signs that you need AC repair or maintenance services, don’t wait for the issues to affect your health! Call Forrest Anderson today!

Forrest Anderson has been the go-to HVAC company in phoenix for over 50 years

Schedule Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Services At Forrest Anderson, we provide residential and commercial air conditioning services throughout the Phoenix Metro area. Some of our most popular service areas include the cities of Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Sun Cities, Queen Creek and the San Tan Valley. If you are located in or near these areas, do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 at 623.780.4060 or visit us online at

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Linda Robson
Linda Robson
Aug 19, 2022

I've just bought a new inverter aircon. 3 week ago. Now l my animals are sick! 2 of my cats have lost their meow and my dogs are coughing!


Apr 03, 2022

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