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How to Care for Commercial Drains

Taking Care of Business – Tips for Healthy Drains

Taking care of business usually means completing tasks related to your products and services. Most of us don’t think about the plumbing system that’s behind the walls but we should.

Clogs are the #1 plumbing issue for commercial properties.

Backed-up toilets and garbage disposals are the most common issues.

The toilet that runs too long, standing water in the sink, and the mystery of why the sink fills when the garbage disposal runs are signs of unhealthy drains.

Regular maintenance and attention to the smallest of plumbing issues will not only maintain healthy drains, it will save you money.

What happens if the drains are clogged?

Dirt, debris, foreign objects, and hard water build-up cause the slowdown of drains.

Leaving a plunger for use in the bathroom and understanding the dos and don’ts of what can be put in the garbage disposal will help keep plumbing running smoothly.

Left alone, stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew that can make your employees and customers sick. Even the most loyal won’t want to be at your business and that costs you in time, money, and resources.

Not only that, but a clog left alone can cause larger problems like a burst pipe or a back-up that leads to costly mitigation and repairs in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Is it a clogged sewer line?

If multiple fixtures are clogged, you may have a clog in the sewer line that needs to be looked at by a professional plumber as soon as possible. If running the dishwasher causes water to back up into the sink, you have a clogged line that may or may not be the sewer. Ignoring it could lead to water backing up into your establishment causing damage to the structure (walls, floors, plumbing).

What can you do to maintain healthy drains?

No one wants to talk about the stopped up toilet or standing water in the sink but reporting these issues could save your business from damages.

Encourage employees and tenants to report slow drains and toilets, backed-up sinks, and other signs of a plumbing issue.

Remember that there are many DIY solutions but none of them are a replacement for professional care and service from a qualified plumber.

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