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Hot Water on the Fritz? Time to Go Tankless!

Having that huge water heater somewhere in the middle of your house might be something you have learned to live with, but as a homeowner, it is not the only option. Replacing the traditional water heater with a tankless water heater can not only reduce energy bills but can provide so many other great advantages in your home. If you have natural gas piped to your home Forrest Anderson can help you hook up a tankless water heater in a breeze. Currently we do not install electric tankless water heaters.

If you are wondering about installing a tankless water heater, Forrest Anderson has a few reasons why that may be a good decision.

Save Energy

Compared to a traditional water heater, going tankless can save you a large amount of energy and lighten the toll on your wallet. A tankless water heater only heats water when you ask it to do so. This is different from your traditional water tank that typically heats water at all times. Going Tankless means only when you turn on the hot water at your kitchen sink or bathroom will it then heat the water and deliver that hot water for as long as you need it.

Although there may be some that would love to sit in a hot shower all day, most people don't do that. That means with a tankless water heater, you will save large amounts of energy. Let's say your home typically consumes 40 gallons of hot water a day if you had a tankless heater you could increase heat efficiency by anywhere from 25%-35%.

Endless Hot Water

One of the best feelings in the world is when you finally have a day where you don't have to rush and can take a leisurely shower. You turn on the water and step in only to find that one of your family members took a long shower before you and there is no hot water left! Oh, the NERVE! This situation is a very common occurrence for traditional water heaters.

Not with tankless water heaters. These systems provide endless hot water. An entire family can all shower in the morning without one person having to endure a freezing cold shower and fight hypothermia on their way to work. A tankless water heater can heat the water on demand when you chose to use it.

It is important to note that tankless water heaters have lower flow rates than that of a traditional water heater. A storage tank will usually pump out around 8 gallons of water per minute, while tankless units have a flow rate closer to 3.5 gallons of water per minute. This means it is not as feasible to run the dishwasher at the same time as taking a shower.

Big Picture

If you have a storage water heater, it is recommended that once that unit hits a life of about ten years, then it would be time to replace it with another unit. With a tankless water heater, they can easily last for 20 years or longer. If you look at the life span of a tankless water heater matched with the amount of energy you can save, it is a great decision for someone trying to save money and keep their home functioning for comfortably.

These units are also much smaller than a traditional storage heater. A traditional heater is usually around 5 feet tall and a couple of feet in diameter. It can be a monster space hog in a smaller home! If you don't live in a mansion and find yourself living in a condo, townhouse, or just a smaller home, you probably are going to want a smaller unit that doesn't take up a ton of space. These tankless heaters can measure about 20 inches wide and about 28 inches tall. That's a huge difference in storage space, which can make your home much more comfortable.

Want to Learn More About the Benefits of A Tankless Water Heater?

Contact Forrest Anderson Today and speak with one of our expertly trained technicians to see if a Tankless Water Heater could work for you! Call us at 623.780.4060 or visit us online at

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