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Home Remodel? Might Be Time for a New A/C Unit!

Have you determined that your house needs an overhaul? Is a new member of the family coming? Need a bigger kitchen? Or maybe it’s time to finally add that office you’ve always wanted?

If you have the property on which to build, creating an addition and expanding your home can be the perfect way to update the structure, add value to your investment, and make room for children or parents who need a little more space.

When you expand on a home, it will change the air distribution and may put too much pressure on your existing air-conditioning unit to perform.

And that could mean it’s time for you to add a new A/C unit to ensure a cool, comfortable home.

How Air Conditioners Work

We’ll spare you the entire history of air conditioners in the modern world. What you need to know is that A/C units are sized to meet a certain load on the house.

They are designed to have a specified amount of charge, or refrigerant, and a certain amount of airflow passes the coils, cooling as it goes.

If any of those components of the air conditioner change, the unit won’t work as well as it should. The A/C’s performance is also affected by the number of people in the home, how many appliances you’re using, the temperature outside, and the amount of humidity in the air.

When you add more square footage through an addition, the air conditioner will have to work harder to keep that area cool. And affects not only the unit but your comfort level in other parts of the home.

Should You Add an A/C Unit or Replace the Current One?

Since air conditioners come in a variety of sizes, you likely have the perfect unit for the square footage of your home.

Now that you’re planning an addition, however, your unit will be strained.

The next question is, do you replace your current A/C unit with a new, bigger size or do you add another unit dedicated to cooling your expansion?

Either or both of these could be the right answer for your specific expansion needs.

There are some important questions you should be asking.