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Hard Water is Tough on Your Home

Have you ever noticed the white build up around faucets, the white film on glasses, or felt like your hair was dull and filmy? That’s all caused by a buildup of minerals, also called scales, from the hard water in most Phoenix area cities.

The water contains calcium, magnesium, and metals like aluminum, iron, and zinc. While arguably a good source of much needed nutrients and not a harm to our health, hard water is tough on your home and its plumbing.

Inside the pipes, a buildup of minerals causes clogs, decreased water flow, and corrosion. Often pipes need to be cleaned by a professional plumber. If it can’t be cleaned or if so damaged it can’t be repaired, you may need to replace the pipe. And those aren’t the only problems caused by hard water.

Laundry detergents and soaps don’t work as effectively leaving clothing looking not as bright as you’d like.Shampoos can leave a residue on the hair causing it to look limp.Soaps leave a film making skin feel dry.Bathroom and kitchen fixtures develop a white buildup that’s difficult to clean.Mineral deposits lessen the life of hot water heaters, dishwashers, and clothes washers.Increased utility bills because the buildup, also called scales, doesn’t conduct heat well, making the hot water heater work harder.

If you’ve lived in Phoenix for even a short period of time, it’s likely you’ve experienced some of these problems. Don’t worry. There is a solution.

Installing a water softener in your home will greatly reduce the impact of hard water on your clothing, dishes, appliances, plumbing, and fixtures.

The costs of purchasing and installing a water softener plus the added electricity to run it come at a cost, it’s less than if you had to replace pipes and clean up damage in your home.

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