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Get Rid of Limescale in Phoenix, AZ

In bathrooms and kitchens, we often face the annoying problem of limescale building up. It is such an unpleasant sight. And it makes our beautiful faucets appear as if they were built in the 1800s. So how can you get rid of limescale and restore your faucets to gleaming status?

What is Limescale?

Limescale is a build up of minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are present in tap water. These minerals originate from your home’s plumbing system. And when these minerals deposit around your faucets, they form hard crusty deposits called limescale.

Unfortunately, these deposits can prove cumbersome to remove, especially when they build up over a long period of time.

Areas, such as Phoenix, AZ, with hard water (water that contains a lot of dissolved minerals) are more prone to limescale build up.

Soft water equipment can help you get rid of limescale permanently. However, what do you do if it’s already there?

How to get rid of limescale

Follow these steps to restore shine to your faucets.

Clean the area

The first step is to prepare the working area. Wipe off dust, stains, and other types of dirt from the faucet and surrounding areas using detergent or any other household cleaner. This will give you a clear view of the amount of limescale build up and the work ahead of you.

Soak the limescale

The next step is to soak the limescale in a cleaning solution. Do not immediately begin scrubbing at the faucet in an attempt to get rid of limescale. This may damage the finishing of the faucet and other surrounding surfaces.

Instead, follow a more strategic approach. Spray the area with a solution of lemon juice or vinegar. You can use lemon juice from the store, or you can cut some fresh lemons in half and squeeze out the juice into a small bowl.

Wrap the faucet

If trying to gain access to difficult to reach areas, spray a piece of cotton or paper towel and wrap it tightly around the faucet. Allow the limescale to soak in the solution for a minimum of 30 minutes. Afterward, lightly scrub the faucet and surrounding areas. This should get rid of limescale very effectively.

Dip the spout in cleaning solution

Take a cup of vinegar or lemon juice and submerge the spout of the faucet inside it. This will allow for the inner areas of the faucet to soak in the cleaning solution and soften the limescale.

Keep surfaces dry

Once you get rid of limescale, stay on top of limescale build-up by preventing water from accumulating in these areas. When you’re doing using the sink, wipe off excess water from the faucet and the sink as well.

Wipe-off residual water from the bathtub and faucets too. This will prevent the minerals present in the water from accumulating and forming limescale build-ups.

Need a long-lasting solution against limescale?

Let’s face it, keeping up with the constant wiping, cleaning, and scrubbing can be a huge pain.

Which is why Forrest Anderson is here to help.

We provide a long-lasting solution against limescale build up with a soft water system. Our smart plumbing solutions and expert knowledge mean we’re always ready to provide the best solutions for you to get rid of limescale.

Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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