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Effective Commercial Plumbing Keeps Profits Up

Don’t Flush Profits Away

Are you paying attention to the plumbing at your business? If not, you could be flushing profits right now the drain. But don’t worry. The professional plumbers at Forrest Anderson can get you on the right path.

Clogged drains, unidentified leaks, and hard water could be costing you more than a bill from a plumber. It’s costing you in high water bills. The worst part is that it can be prevented with regular plumbing maintenance.

Check for leaks.

If you’re experiencing higher than average water bills, you might have a leak.

It’s not sexy and it’s probably not on your to do list but checking faucets and under sinks and appliances for leaks is a must, especially if you’re the one footing the water bill every month.

Early leak detection will save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and damages.

Left unnoticed or untreated, a pinhole leak can grow into a bigger leak eventually causing damage to the wall and floor or bursting a pipe. And it can get worse (and more costly) when standing water attracts pests and grows mold.

Stop the leak before it costs you too much.

Speed up the drains.

Have you noticed slower drain times, standing water in sinks, or slow running toilets?

You might have a clog that needs to be cleared.

If you’ve tried and failed with drain cleaners and DIY solutions, it’s a sign of a more serious problem.

Toilet paper, paper towels, food, and foreign objects may be lodged in the pipes causing the slowdown.

It’s time to call the professionals to see what’s really happening.

Soften the water.

Do your glasses have spots on them even after they’re clean? That’s evidence of the minerals we have in our Phoenix water.

Also called hard water, these mineral deposits build up causing clogs and blockages in plumbing, not to mention making bathroom and kitchen fixtures difficult or impossible to clean.

Solve the hard water problem when you have a water softener installed.

Don’t flush profits away.

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