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Effective Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

Keep Your Customers Comfortable

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Whether it’s the 1980’s dandruff shampoo commercial or your business, the first impression means everything. It can make or break a customer or employee relationship.

How comfortable is your business for customers or employees?Are they wearing sweaters in the summer and blasting fans in the winter?Are they avoiding the sunny conference room because it’s too stuffy?Can they be in your store without shivering?

Take a look around. What you see might surprise you and it may be time to consider how to keep your employees and customers comfortable.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

In the heat of the Arizona summer it may seem like a good idea to keep the temperature at 65 degrees to keep the area cool and people alert but they may not be focused on the task at hand.

There’s a good chance they’re focused on starting a bring-a –sweater-to-work campaign.

While sweaters aren’t a bad thing, it might be time to install a programmable thermostat to regulate temperature based on the day and time.

When the sun is coming in, the temperature may be lower than when it is setting or when your business is open.

Not only will people be happier, you will save on utility bills.

Windows and Shades

You could literally be losing money out the window if your open workspace filled with natural light consists of single pane windows without tinting or shades.

Not only are you losing money, it could be creating temperatures that are uncomfortable, reducing productivity and increasing utility bills.

Keep everyone comfortable while maintaining open, airy space simply by tinting the windows or installing shade screens to control indoor temperatures anytime of the year.

Insulation and Ductwork

You could be losing cooled (or warmed) air before it even gets to customer or employee space due to improperly sized and sealed ductwork. Leaks caused by cracks or broken ductwork and lack of or poor quality insulation will make your space feel like a different temperature than what’s set on the thermostat.

Don’t let people argue over the proper temperature setting or feel uncomfortable when you have insulation and ductwork inspected on a regular basis.

Stop the race to the thermostat and make your space comfortable for everyone!

Contact Forrest Anderson for more information.

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