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DIY Garbage Disposal Fixes

Garbage disposals are the unsung heroes of the kitchen, taking our leftovers away with their high powered grinding and dumping.

What happens when you treat your garbage disposal like trash?

The same thing that happens to the drain; it clogs, runs slowly, and eventually stops, leaving our food trapped and making the kitchen smell awful and we’re forced to scrape plates over the garbage can like we did when we were kids. All of this can be avoided if you treat your garbage disposal with care.

Just because it’s on your plate doesn’t mean it goes in the disposal.

There’s a myth that eggshells will sharpen the blades and we’re here to tell you that’s just not true. In fact, eggshells should be thrown in the garbage. When they’re ground up they become like sand and clog the drain. The membrane layer wraps around the blades causing the disposal to stop altogether.

Hot liquid grease, including bacon fat, will stop a disposal. As the fat cools, it solidifies, sticking to the blades and the inside of the pipes.

Thinking about ditching fibrous foods like celery, lettuce, potato peels, and onion skins down the disposal? Don’t. The fibers wrap around the blades causing damage.

You might think bread and pasta are safe but think again. They soak up water and expand to cause clogs.

If it’s not food, don’t think about throwing it in. Cigarette butts, pull tabs, twist ties and any other non-food items are off limits.

Treat your garbage disposal right by using it on a regular basis, running cold water with a bit of dish soap before, during, and after every use. An unused unit will become stinky and may not run properly if left alone for too long.

Want a clean disposal that loves you? Throw a citrus peel from a lemon, orange, or lime to clear excess waste and eliminate nasty odors.

A clean disposal is a happy one. There are a few ways to clean it with items you probably have in your cabinet.

Try running ice and rock salt or ice cubes made with part water and part vinegar or by making your own volcano science experiment. Yep, it’s true. Baking soda and vinegar are great cleaning agents. Place a half cup of baking soda in the disposal and add a cup or more of vinegar and watch your volcanic foam at work. Wait 30 minutes and rinse with cold water to clear loose debris.

Have you been treating your disposal like trash and it has stopped working? Check the breaker. You may have blown a fuse and not realized it. If that doesn’t work, reset the disposal. Unplug the unit, hold the reset button on the bottom and release, then plug back in and turn it on.

If you’ve done all you can to make your garbage disposal feel important, it’s time to call the professional plumbers at Forrest Anderson. We’re here to clear the clog and get your kitchen back on track.

Contact us or call us at 623.780.4060 today to discuss how Forrest Anderson can help you.

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