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Common HVAC Myths

A myth is one way we try to explain something we really don’t understand. There are many misconceptions about residential HVAC (heating, cooling, air conditioning) units. What you don’t know can hurt you, your family, and your budget, so let’s examine some of the common HVAC myths.

6 HVAC Myths Debunked

1. An Energy-Efficient HVAC System is All You Need to Lower Monthly Bills

An energy-efficient HVAC unit will certainly go a long way toward lowering your monthly energy bills. Your home also needs good insulation and window seals. In the Phoenix area, it’s best to keep window coverings tightly closed in the summer and open in January, when temperatures dip into the 40s.

2. Bigger is Better

You might think if you’re going to invest in a new HVAC system you may as well get the biggest bang for your buck. What you’ll likely get is an inefficient HVAC system that cycles on and off too frequently.

This HVAC myth can lead to an upsell by an unethical HVAC company and your HVAC unit wearing out far too soon.

3. If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

This HVAC myth perpetuates low to no maintenance, which can cause your system to run less efficiently (and raise monthly energy bills). It can lead to frequent repairs (which are more expensive than frequent maintenance) and unit replacement sooner than with proper maintenance.

4. It Doesn’t Matter Where the Thermostat is Located

This particular HVAC myth is just wrong. Your thermostat should be placed where an accurate reading is most likely. If it’s on a wall that receives direct sunlight or above a cold-air vent, it can trigger incorrect readings. That’s why you never put a thermostat in a kitchen. Hallway airflow is different from room-to-room airflow, so a hallway thermostat may also be problematic.

5. It’s Better to Leave Your AC On When You Are Away

This circular logic leads us to believe you should leave your AC on as usual when you’ll be away for long periods of time. It is supposed to save energy but really doesn’t. Savvy homeowners invest in remote, programmable thermostats for that very reason.

During the day when everyone is gone, you should program your temperature to provide just enough cooling to keep plants and pets safe. Your home can cool down to your desired temperature when the family reunites in the afternoon.

6. When the House is Hot, Set the Thermostat Lower Than You Need for Faster Cooling

Your air conditioning is not about speed; it’s about efficiency. There are two settings and two conditions for operations: on and off. Lowering the temperature to a ridiculous cooling level can simply force your HVAC unit to work longer and harder than necessary.

Phoenix Homeowners Look to Forrest Anderson for HVAC Honesty

These HVAC myths can actually lead to greater expenses.

An unlicensed HVAC technician may offer a lower rate, but you may also receive unethical or incorrect information. In the Phoenix area, Forrest Anderson Plumbing & Air Conditioning provides licensed, proven, reputable service for whole-house wellness. Clean air, clean water, and sustainability for your home’s plumbing and HVAC systems are our priorities.

If you need repair or maintenance on your air conditioning unit or are considering upgrading your entire system, contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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