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Commercial Clogged Drains: An Ongoing Problem

Whether you run a restaurant, daycare, office, or retail location, there’s a possibility that you will have clogged drains at some point.

When many people use the same facilities, it’s likely that things that really shouldn’t be put down the drain will be.

And that backs everything up—literally!

What can you do to keep your clogged drains clear?

Educate Employees and Guests

As much as we might like to think that everyone learned at home not to put foreign objects down the drain, that’s not always the case.

Things get shoved down there that shouldn’t be, and that is what wreaks havoc on your commercial plumbing.

Post signs near sinks to remind employees and guests that only liquids should be put down drains. If you have a commercial kitchen with a garbage disposal, let employees know what shouldn’t be sent through the disposal, items such as stringy foods, grease, eggshells, pasta, rice, and non-food items.

If you’re in a salon with lots of hair going through drains regularly, you’ll have just as many issues as a commercial kitchen. Hair bunches up and can wrap itself around the drain stopper as well as farther down the pipes. Keep Forrest Anderson Commercial Services plumbing team on speed dial!

Flush Drains Regularly

You can do this yourself with a commercial-grade liquid drain cleaner. The frequency of use of your drains will tell you how often to flush them, but once a week is likely ideal.

When you’re flushing drains, be sure to pull out the stopper and clean it. Gunk can get caught on there quickly and cake up, causing the real problem, even with clean pipes.

Even if you are taking a DIY approach to drain maintenance, it’s important that you also schedule regular maintenance with Forrest Anderson to help maintain your drains.

Sometimes, the issue isn’t in the building; it’s in the external line. And only your plumber can let you know what the difference is. Your plumber will also be able to suggest a quality liquid drain cleaner to use in between visits.