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Buying a smart thermostat – 3 things you need to know

It is possible to save a large amount of money if you buy a smart thermostat. Here are three questions you should ask to make sure one is right for you.

  1. Is my system equipped with the features and wiring to support this kind of thermostat?

  2. Is it easy to use and could my family learn how to adjust it?

  3. Will the new thermostat actually save me enough money?

A smart thermostat can be expensive to buy and to install. These smart thermostats can also be set to tell you if the temperature in your home is getting too cold for your pets, or if your air conditioner is malfunctioning.

Can A Smart Thermostat Work With Your Home’s Current Setup?

There are many different heating and cooling systems. Before you buy one of these high tech thermostats, make sure that it will work with the way your HVAC is set up.

You need the right wires too. If the technicians who installed your current unit didn’t bring the correct wires down the wall, this can cause problems.

You need to know if your system is single or two stage. Some thermostats only work with single stage units.

Compare your current thermostat to the new one and make sure they both have the same number of terminals.

If this sounds too complicated, contact Forrest Anderson and we’ll be glad to walk you through it.

We can review your current equipment and help you decide if a smart thermostat, and which smart thermostat is right for you.

Does the New Thermostat Match Your Lifestyle?

With their smart technology, these thermostats can adjust to your schedule and life changes. When you wake up, go to work, come home, and go to bed, are all things that will have an influence on the thermostat. There are many models to choose from. As a Nest Pro Installer, Forrest Anderson is able to not only install a Nest thermostat for you, but we can also help you set it up.

When choosing a smart thermostat you need to answer a few questions to make sure it supports your other devices. For example:

  • What type of phone do you have? Some thermostats work better with Android or Apple phones.

  • Do you have other devices at home that it needs to communicate with?

  • Do the features give you enough control over the thermostat?

Also, consider how your family members will use the thermostat. Some of these thermostats learn how you adjust the temperature. If family members are fighting over the perfect temperature it can cause you to not receive the most benefit.

What About Zoning?

As you know, a zoned HVAC system has different thermostats controlling different zones in a house. If you have a zoned system in your home, you need to look for a smart thermostat that supports a zoned system.

For more information or an estimate on buying and installing a smart thermostat, contact Forrest Anderson. We have the experience and skills to help you decide the best way to save money and energy with a new thermostat. This is especially important when it comes to the summer temperatures we experience here in the Phoenix area.

Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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