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Benefits of Adding Aromatherapy to an Air Filter

Looking for a way to cheaply and instantly freshen up your home? Try adding essential oil or aromatherapy oil to your air filter. When you turn on your AC, your home will be filled with a light, fresh scent all day long.

Plug-in Air Fresheners Contain Chemicals

Many plug-in air fresheners contain harmful chemicals and are far more costly than essential oil. Essential oils are a natural product, coming from natural aromatic compounds found in bark, leaves, stems, seeds, and other parts of plants. They are the perfect natural compounds for eliminating odors and funky smells in your home without using potentially dangerous chemicals.

Essential Oils Offer Many Natural Benefits

In addition to making your home smell great, essential oils offer additional benefits:

  • Tea tree and lavender disinfect, calm, and protect your home from pests such as dust mites.

  • Cypress, eucalyptus, and rosemary prevent bacteria from growing in your home.

  • Cinnamon, lemon and thyme help stop the spread of viruses.

  • Eucalyptus, sage, and sandalwood kill off fungus.Bergamot, clove, and oregano are all natural antibiotics.

How to Add Aromatherapy to an Air Filter

It only takes a few moments to enhance your air filter with the sweet, therapeutic smells of essential oils.

  • Start with a new, fresh air filter.

  • Choose your oil. Remember that mixing oils can be a great combination, not only for your nose but your health as well.

  • Spread 20 drops total (of one or mixed) across the air filter. The oil should adhere easily and quickly, allowing you to install the filter right away.

  • When your air turns on, you should immediately begin to smell the fragrance filling your home.

Change Your Air Filter Every 30 Days

The fresh scent will slowly start to die off after around 30 days, which—as luck would have it—is when you should change your air filter. That’s a good time to change the scent, or you can stay with what you like. Either way, you’re putting natural oils into your home rather than chemical fragrances. That’s something to feel good about.

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