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Air Filters Keep Your System Running

When was the last time you changed the air filter in your home or business?

If you can’t remember, it probably means it time to change it! It’s not a fun job to grab that nasty, dirty mess but the cost of your time, labor, and a new filter is worth it.

What do air filters do?

Dirt, dust, and pollutants are caught in the filter so they don’t reach your air conditioning and heating system.

If these particles reached the system (the box on your roof or on the side of the house), they could cause damage to major components, costing you in major repairs or even a replacement.

What if the air filter isn’t changed?

When you don’t change the air filter, it becomes filled with dust, dirt, and pollutants causing the system to work less efficiently.

The filthy filter means air isn’t moving as fast as it could through the system which translates into your home or business not cooling or heating efficiently and higher utility bills.

We recommend changing the filter more often than recommended especially during the summer when the air is most dusty and if you have pets. This will keep your family or customers feeling healthy.

Why do air filters matter?

They matter because they keep debris from entering the system. That’s what they were designed to do.

They really weren’t designed to filter the air in the home or office.

Whole home air filters clear the air of pet dander, pollen, and some viruses and bacteria, keeping your family comfortable and healthy.

What size filter is best?

That depends on your system. Choosing the wrong filter, even if you’re changing it on a regular basis, will still create efficiencies in the system. If you’re not sure of the size or type that best for your home, give us a call.

It just takes a few minutes to change the air filter which is worth the effort. It can save you money in utility and repair bills.

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