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Air Conditioner Service Checklist: Tips to Ensure Your System Always Works

Sometimes it’s just good feeling good about ourselves. Clean water and IAQ (indoor air quality) are at the top of today’s homeowners’ must-haves. This is a huge leap in the right direction for Phoenix-area families.  While the concept of whole-house wellness and air conditioner service plays a huge role.

Many functions of your air conditioning unit work together to deliver good, wholesome air for your residence or commercial property. So it makes sense to schedule water systems and air conditioner service maintenance with a local, trusted professional.

Heating, Cooling Air Conditioner Service and Maintenance

You likely schedule timely inspections and regular upkeep for your lawn and garden, roofing, and water systems. HVAC routine maintenance is also…well, fairly routine for today’s savvy homeowners.

Energy Star calls HVAC maintenance “tune-ups.” Your car drives better and lasts longer with proper care and your house will, too. Here are 4 homeowner tips to ensure your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system is working to maximize clean air delivery and energy savings:

1. Air filter

Check your air filter every month. You might want to change your HVAC filter monthly during heavy usage months (January, February, July, August, December). The rule to follow is simple: If your air filter looks dirty, change it.

2. Ducts

Sometimes homeowners think their HVAC unit isn’t “working” when the problem is actually leaky ductwork. Ducts can be better sealed to deliver more air.

Sealing your ducts does not mean to close vents in one or more rooms. (Don’t close vents; it jeopardizes airflow and efficiency by pushing the air to other rooms.) Even a small leak in your ductwork system is a big money-waster. Sealing ducts can improve your energy bills as much as 20% or more every month.

3. Fall/spring tune-ups

It makes sense to have all systems ready-to-go for heavy usage months (winter/summer). These twice-annual maintenance calls can – and should – be scheduled on your HVAC company’s calendar. Your air quality pros never appear without ensuring it’s at a time convenient to you.

4. Thermostat

The benefits of programmable thermostats are numerous but saving money and energy is the most valued. While away, program your thermostat for minimal comfort. On your way home, increase the comfort level. Program your thermostat to do this daily. Programmable thermostats easily pay for themselves.

Air Purification is Now Possible with Air Scrubber Plus

By now we know the difference between “natural” water and purified water. And you know your HVAC will circulate cleaner, natural air as much as possible with regular system maintenance. But wait. (There’s more.)

Because homeowners want better water and air, a revolutionary system that freshens and purifies indoor air has been developed. It almost literally “mops up” the odor-causing and allergy inducing air particles in your rooms.

If you want to learn about Air Scrubber Plus® installation for your home and bi-annual air conditioner service and maintenance, contact Forrest Anderson Plumbing & Air Conditioning.  Let’s partner for a better – cleaner – Arizona today.

Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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