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7 tips you need to know before installing an outdoor fire pit

Warm evenings are great for gathering around an outdoor fire pit for quality time with family and friends. Whether you want to unwind with friends at the end of a long week or sing campfire songs and roast s’mores with your family, a gas line fire pit offers a convenient way to do so. Before you have one installed, keep the following information in mind about outdoor fire pits.

Consider Your Budget

You don’t want to go over your budget for your outdoor fire pit. To avoid spending too much, compare costs and decide what features your fire pit should have. Keep in mind that size and material can affect the overall cost. Adding seating to your fire pit setting will also cost you more, so factor that in as well.

Think About Location

If you plan on having a permanent outdoor fire pit installed, rather than a portable one, decide where it should go. You’ll need to keep it a reasonable distance away from your home and other flammable places, such as storage sheds. A gas line outdoor fire pit needs to be in a location that allows it to be easily connected to a natural gas source.

Decide Between Gas or Wood

Wood and gas are common types of outdoor fire pits. Which one should you go with? Wood fire pits give off a more campfire-like smell, but they are also more dangerous. Some logs can spark or smoke easily, resulting in a fire hazard. A gas line outdoor fire pit offers a more convenient and safer way to have a fire burning in your yard.

Choose a Surface for It

What kind of surface should your outdoor fire pit go on? There are several options to consider, such as brick, concrete and slate. Permanent fire pits are sometimes placed on gravel if you’re looking for a simple setup. You should avoid having your fire pit placed on a wood surface, such as a wood deck, since this creates a higher risk of a fire.

Determine the Size You Need

How big does your outdoor fire pit need to be? This depends on how many people are likely to be sitting around it on a regular basis. You’ll need a larger one if you have a bigger family or if you plan on having a bunch of friends over regularly during the summer. Otherwise, you can plan on having a smaller one installed. No matter what size you need, gas line fire pits are available in a wide range.

Consider Convenience

If you’ll be using your outdoor fire pit often, make sure it won’t be difficult or inconvenient to do so. Wood fire pits require you to store a steady supply of wood in your yard. Gas line fire pits provide greater convenience for regular use since you just have to switch your fire pit on when you want to use it.

Think About the Installation Process

How difficult is it to have a fire pit installed? If you choose to have a gas line outdoor fire pit installed, leave this to the professionals. This ensures that your fire pit’s gas line is connected safely and properly.

If you’re thinking of having a gas line outdoor fire pit installed at your Arizona home, contact Forrest Anderson for more information.

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Great project! Beautiful work!Just one note about using Glavanized pipe when you grind, weld and possibly when exposed to high temperatures it off gasses fumes that can be dangerous to your heath. Though off gassing probably decreases over time.

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