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7 Signs of a Sneaky Water Leak

Water travels fast and knows no boundaries. It waits until you’re not paying attention. Dripping into walls, floors, and foundation, often causing damage that requires expensive repairs to your home.

Save yourself the expense of a sneaky water leak. Keep an eye out for these signs:

1. Increased water bill.

Most people don’t pay attention to how much water they use each month but they do notice if the amount of the bill increases. If yours has increased over a short period of time with no significant change in water usage for activities like watering landscape or refilling the pool, you may have a sneaky leak that’s costing you money.

2. Foul odors.

You might blame the kids for not using the garbage disposal properly if your kitchen smells bad or for the musky smell in the bathroom but it might not be their fault. Standing water helps mold and mildew grow, which can stink up your home and cost you in mold remediation and repairs.

3. Sight of mold.

Mold isn’t always just an odor. Sometimes it’s visible as green, brown, or black spots. You might see it in your shower and be able to clean it with a bleach based product but if there’s standing water or mold in non-shower areas, you have a sneaky leak.

4. Stains or bubbling on ceilings.

Water loves to travel. The brown or rust colored spot that appears on the ceiling may be caused by a leak in the upstairs bathroom. If the ceiling downstairs is sagging, there may be water trapped and it’s ready to fall. Resist the urge to pop the bubble and call Forrest Anderson. Even if the stain or bubble isn’t directly below the bathroom, a leak could still be the cause.

5. Damaged walls.

When drywall gets wet it warps and needs to be replaced before mold becomes its new best friend. Even if your shower was lined with the proper type of drywall, it’s still not waterproof. That means it can get damaged by water, especially sneaky water leaks in the plumbing behind the shower or toilet.

6. Bubbles in paint or wallpaper.

You love taking hot showers but it’s probably not the cause of bubbles in the paint or wallpaper of your bathroom. When water gets (and stays) between the wall and paint, it separates them. From where you sit, it looks like you need to repaint or repaper but it’s a water leak in need of repair.

7. Water meter running.

If you’ve stopped using the water inside and outside your home, check the water meter. If the meter is running, you either have something on like the landscape watering system or you have a leak. Check the yard for muddy areas as the water leak may be outside.

Whether it’s outside or inside, a residential water leak can cause damage beyond just fixing a plumbing problem. The team at Forrest Anderson is ready to solve your sneaky leak problem!

As the Phoenix Valley's Plumbing Experts we have helped hundreds of valley residents and continue to pledge to helping all Redefine their Experience of Comfort.

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