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6 Things to Consider for Plumbing Your Outdoor Kitchen

The Phoenix area offers plenty of opportunities for homeowners to prepare meals and eat outdoors. If you have an outdoor kitchen, adding a sink and other features can make cooking and cleaning up more convenient. Keep the following in mind if you’re thinking of adding plumbing for outdoor kitchen fixtures.

Natural Gas Grill

Having a grill that connects to your gas line gives you an easier way to cook outside. With this type of grill setup, you don’t need to worry about having propane tanks on hand. You don’t have to deal with charcoal either. This type of grill runs on natural gas, so you’ll always have a steady supply available.

A natural gas grill requires plumbing for your outdoor kitchen. You’ll need to have a professional plumber connect the grill to your home’s natural gas line. Once it’s connected, all you’ll have to do is turn your grill on when you’re ready to use it.

Small Fridge

With a fridge outside, you won’t need to run in and out of your house to get drinks or ingredients for meals. If you’re worried about space, keep in mind that you don’t need to have a regular-sized fridge installed. A small fridge for your outdoor kitchen offers enough room to hold meal ingredients, condiments, and a few other items. If your fridge has an ice maker or water dispenser, you’ll need to have plumbing installed for it.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink

Having a sink handy in your outdoor kitchen gives you a convenient place to wash your hands after handling meat or rinsing produce. You can give plates, utensils and other dishes a quick rinse or wash at your outdoor sink as well. This way, you won’t have to carry stacks of dirty dishes inside. Professional plumbers can install plumbing for your outdoor kitchen sink.

Water Temperature

Do you need hot and cold water for your outdoor kitchen? You might only need to have cold water available for your fridge and sink. For example, if you’re only using water to make ice in your fridge or to rinse off dishes at your sink, cold water is all you need. However, if you plan on giving your dishes a thorough washing, you’ll need to have hot water available. You’ll need hot water for washing your hands as well. A licensed plumber can discuss the options for getting hot water available outside.

Water Drainage

When your outdoor kitchen uses water, you’ll need to consider drainage options. The water from sinks and other fixtures needs somewhere to drain safely. Drainage options that are typically available include connecting the plumbing to the wastewater system at your house or having the water drain into a dry well or French drain. With a wastewater system connection, you can have a garbage disposal installed in your outdoor kitchen sink too.

Freeze Preparation

Freezing temperatures don’t happen often in Phoenix, but it’s still important to ensure that pipes are protected just in case. The pipes for your outdoor kitchen have a higher risk of freezing since they get more exposure to the elements. When you need plumbing for your outdoor kitchen, you might end up needing to take steps to lower this risk.

Covering exposed pipes helps protect them from freezing temperatures. If you’re unsure about how to cover your pipes or what to use, our professional plumbers can provide you with guidance.

If you need assistance with plumbing for your outdoor kitchen, or your indoor one for that matter, please contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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