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5 rules to save money on air conditioning

Saving money on air conditioning during Phoenix’s long, hot summers might be within your reach. Like everything else mechanical, cooling systems need periodic maintenance and they don’t last forever. Each of these tips can help you achieve greater savings and summertime comfort.

1. Maintenance

Check the air filter. A dirty air filter increases wear and tear on the air conditioner. It also creates higher energy costs than any other factor. Inspect the filter monthly during the summer. Change it when it’s dirty to save money on air conditioning.

The condenser plays an important role in cooling. The cleaner it is, the more efficiently it operates. Instruct your family members to keep things away from the condenser. It needs strong airflow going through it to cool your home faster, which will save money on air conditioning.

Have the unit professionally maintained. As hard as air conditioners work during the summer, they need professional attention at least once a year, preferably twice. When the HVAC professionals from Forrest Anderson inspect your equipment, they’ll clean it, make adjustments, and test the performance of all the parts. They can also check the refrigerant levels and make sure your thermostat is accurate.

2. Temperature Settings to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Save money on air conditioning by turning it up higher during peak hours. Turn the temperature down a few degrees while you sleep. You can use ceiling or portable fans in the rooms you occupy to help get the air circulating. Fans work well in Phoenix because the air is quite dry. Although they won’t lower the temperature, they will make you feel cooler as the moving air evaporates your skin’s moisture.

3. Programmable Thermostat

Energy experts agree that programmable thermostats are an easy way to save money on air conditioning. Instead of relying on your memory to change the temperature when you leave for the day, a programmable thermostat will do it for you. There are a variety of options, including weekend, workday, and sleeping temperatures, or even hour by hour specifications.

You can program the device to turn the temperature down just before you arrive so that your home will be cool. A Wi-Fi thermostat gives you complete control over your HVAC system from remote locations. You’ll also be able to track its performance and electrical consumption.

4. Replace the System

If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, it’s approaching the end of its useful lifetime. It’s difficult, at best, to save money on an aging air conditioning system. It won’t work as efficiently, as quietly, or as reliably.

Over time, the efficiency of air conditioning systems has increased substantially. The energy savings can offset the cost of the new equipment. From time to time, APS and SRP offer incentives to their customers who upgrade to high-efficiency HVAC systems. This helps reduce the upfront cost.

5. Add a Zoning System

One of the newer ways to save money on air conditioning will also increase your comfort. A zoning system lets you vary the temperatures throughout your home by using individual thermostats for each area.

Instead of cooling everything at once, a zoning system addresses each area separately. Motorized dampers in the ducts make it possible to cool each room as necessary. Forrest Anderson’s HVAC professionals can install a zoning system as an upgrade to existing equipment, or make it part of an entirely new HVAC system installation.

Contact Forrest Anderson for more information on how to save money on air conditioning with maintenance and system upgrades. We will recommend the most energy-efficient equipment to keep you cool this summer.

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