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5 Reasons to be a Forrest Anderson HVAC Technician

Forrest Anderson Plumbing & Air Conditioning is a great place to work and there are many career incentives for HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) professionals. A certified, Phoenix-area HVAC technician will see opportunities and growth of more than 15% through 2026. This is a much greater job outlook than other professions.

Proud to Be a Forrest Anderson HVAC Technician

Working in the HVAC industry isn’t a “job.” It’s a career choice.

Arizona HVAC and plumbing companies may come and go, but Forrest Anderson has been a notable service provider and community supporter in Phoenix for over 55 years – and will be here for you and your family many more years.

Being an HVAC technician with a company like Forrest Anderson is a source of pride for the men and women selected to join the team. Here are 5 reasons for you to join Forrest Anderson Plumbing & Air Conditioning as a professional HVAC technician:

1. Competitive Pay

Salary for an HVAC technician varies across the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is a very conservative – but our most reliable – source of U.S. salary information, and says the median pay for HVAC professionals in 2018 was $47,610/year. This means the highest ten percent earned $76,230/year.

2. Every Day Offers New Challenges

When you work with the Forrest Anderson team of professionals, you find opportunities for career advancement and gain more experience than elsewhere.

You may be working at a new-build construction site every day for weeks. Monday you may be staring at a 20-year-old central air conditioning system on its last legs. When the homeowner says, “Let’s see if we can get one more year out of it,” you aren’t sure it’s got one more minute. Tuesday you might get a phone call in the middle of the night and find yourself on an emergency repair job.

Some HVAC equipment is located in hot, dusty attics. Some systems are situated in small indoor spaces and there are outdoor units in clean, well-trimmed yards. There are days when you will have to work outdoors and indoors, even in harsh weather conditions.

3. Helping Others is Rewarding

Let’s face it: It feels good to be a problem-solver, and that’s what a Forrest Anderson HVAC technician is. You’ll be helping customers make decisions. And because you live here, those customers are your neighbors. You want them to have affordable choices that never compromise air quality, health, and safety.

4. Industry-Best Practices Are Standard