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5 Hacks for Keeping Your Holiday Guests Comfortable

Summer is a great time to host parties and get people together at your house, especially for the Fourth of July. But more people means more heat circulating in your home, which could lead to uncomfortable guests. Here are five tips you can implement to keep your holiday guests cool this summer:

1. Cool Down Proactively

If you know that a gang of friends and family is headed to your house, then you can avoid that “Whew, it’s hot in here” complaint by dropping the temperature 30 minutes before the first guest is scheduled to arrive.

If you normally keep your home at 75ºF, for instance, then pop it down to 72ºF. It might feel a little cold at first, but once you have a lot of bodies in there, it’ll be perfect!

2. Service Your Sliding Doors

If you have French doors leading out to your pool, you can skip over this section, but if you have sliding glass doors, keep reading! Those puppies can become hard to open and close or even come off the track. Oil them up, replace the rubber, and add some stickers on them so people don’t walk into them.

Easy-to-close sliding doors mean they’re less likely to be left open when guests are going in and out, and that means the house will stay cool.

3. Bring on the Mist

A little water can go a long way during hot summer days. Patio misters are inexpensive additions that make a huge difference in the temperature and comfort level of your guests.

If you’re a DIY person, then you can buy a mister system at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Otherwise, find someone to install them for you. Your guests will most definitely thank you.

As an added bonus, add some ceiling fans to the patio while you’re out there!

4. Change A/C Filters and Clean the Unit

A clean air conditioner is a more efficient air conditioner. Schedule a service appointment with the professionals at Forrest Anderson. Our helpful technicians can change filters, clean the unit, and inspect it for any issues. It would be pretty awful to have your A/C stop working when you have 50 people in your house for the pool party of the summer.

5. Reduce the Cooling Load on Your Air Conditioner

Although the A/C unit carries the lion’s share of weight when it comes to cooling your home, there are other factors that play into its effectiveness as well. Granted, these are longer-term solutions. If you do them now, then you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

First, check your insulation, and add more if you need it. Make sure it’s high quality, of course. Next, check ductwork, both at the unit itself and throughout the home.

Improvements can save you16% on cooling costs.

Review potential air leakage, particularly around windows and doors. And then you can add shade screens to windows to further reduce passive heat from entering the home.

Naturally, for some of these suggestions, you’ll need a reliable HVAC company to come and manage them for you. Forrest Anderson is committed to saving you energy costs through our comprehensive, proactive service schedules.

Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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