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5 common HVAC problems in Scottsdale

While many Arizona residents live for the beautiful winter weather in the Valley of the Sun, most people are ready for a long vacation once the temperature starts to climb. Arizona is a beautiful state, but you must admit the desert heat is a challenge. Luckily, air conditioning helps people manage their comfort during the summer. If you have HVAC problems in Scottsdale, it can be an emergency.

HVAC Problems in the Valley of the Sun

There are a few common HVAC problems in Scottsdale. To name a few:

  1. AC “freezes up.” It’s hard to imagine anything being too cold in Arizona in August. However, a dirty evaporator coil can slow down airflow and make the temperature fall too low. This can lead to a thick crust of ice forming over the evaporator coils and cause your AC to freeze up. There are several causes and it should be inspected and repaired by a technician as soon as possible.

  2. Broken fan belts. Air conditioners with blower fan belts are subject to breaking. Over time, the belts can come loose or begin to fray and rip. If your fan belt isn’t spinning, you have a problem. Warning signs might include a clanging or clicking noise. If you hear something unusual coming from your HVAC system, call for an inspection.

  3. Clogged filters. One item on your to-do list that can go a long way toward preventing HVAC problems in Scottsdale is to replace your filters regularly. You should replace disposable filters about once a month during the summer. Replace your filters again, about every other month the rest of the year. In addition to helping your HVAC run smoothly, replacing your filters can improve your indoor air quality.

  4. Damaged AC capacitor. During the summer, your AC probably turns on frequently. The capacitor is the part of your unit that stores energy and sends a jolt to start your AC. When your AC capacitor wears out, replacement is the only option. This will require a trained technician.

  5. Problematic AC condensate drain. This is a busy part of your HVAC system, especially in summer. The drain pan can rust and break, or your condensate drain line can overload. This problem will require professional replacement.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

One of the easiest ways to prevent HVAC problems in Scottsdale is by signing up for a maintenance agreement. Forrest Anderson’s Comfort Club gives you the satisfaction of knowing your system is reliably maintained by certified professionals. As a Preferred Customer, your service orders will receive priority status and you’ll also enjoy a 15% discount off of all air conditioning and plumbing repair costs (discounts don’t apply to a new system purchase).

Being a part of the Comfort Club includes two inspections per year, one in the spring and the other in the fall. Your technician will inspect different aspects of your HVAC unit during each of the visits. After all, the best way to deal with HVAC problems in Scottsdale is by not letting them become a problem in the first place.

Your Local Resource for Plumbing and HVAC Problems in Scottsdale

Have you ever wondered why plumbing and HVAC companies are often combined? Clean air and clean water are a priority for good living. Indoor air pollutants can be a cause of allergies and illness. Forrest Anderson cares about your health and quality of life.

If you suspect you have HVAC problems in Scottsdale or other Phoenix-area communities, contact Forrest Anderson. We offer free quotes and flexible payment options when you need plumbing and HVAC repairs or replacements.

Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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