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4 Ways to Clean Toilet Rings

In much the same way that we can tell a tree’s story via the rings in its trunk, your toilet rings tell a compelling story. Except this story is about what is happening in your toilet bowl. 

Specifically, rust-like pale brown stains indicate the presence of mineral deposits and hard water.  Conversely, orange, green, and black rings are suggestive of mold.  Pink hued toilet rings result from the presence of Serratia marcescens. This is typically caused by bacteria and can cause, like mold, health problems.

Regardless of the cause, however, toilet rings are at best unsightly, and at worst disgusting. It’s important to find quick and efficient solutions to get rid of these unsightly rings. If you find your personal disgust meter nudging towards the “red,” don’t worry. You can use one of these four cleaning methods to push the needle back towards content.

Pumice Stones

You may already associate these stones with removing unsightly calluses on the heel of your foot. Pumice stones can work to remove hard water toilet rings you find in your bathroom.  Pumice stones are easy to find and usually located in the cleaning or cosmetic section of your favorite store.  Simply soak your stone in the water for a few minutes before rubbing it along the affected area.  After a thorough scrubbing, rinse the affected area and see your efforts rewarded with a sparkling toilet bowl.

Cleaning toilet rings with Coca-Cola

You likely don’t want to associate cleaning the toilet when enjoying your burger and washing it down with America’s favorite soda beverage. Coca-Cola is also excellent for an array of cleaning and degreasing projects around the house.  Keep your bathroom looking great by easily cleaning toilet rings with Coca-Cola.  Simply measure out two to three cups of coke in the toilet bowl, and remember to pour it around the toilet’s rim.  Walk away and let it sit in the bowl while the acids work on the built up stain.

Beating Mold with Borax

Ideal for getting rid of mold-based toilet rings, the cleaning power of Borax is great for getting rid of stubborn toilet rings and stains.  Using a ¼ of a cup of Borax, pour it into the toilet before swishing it completely around with your toilet brush.  Once again, like Coca-Cola, timing is important and you need to let it sit for approximately twenty to thirty minutes before returning for a thorough scrubbing that will remove both mold stains and hard water deposits.

When it is time for Professional Help

All the do-it-yourself techniques in the world might not necessarily help get rid of those stubborn toilet rings owing to the age or condition of your toilet.  After all, porcelain scratches and toilet rings form easily over this scratched surface. Once the toilet is scratched, it may require a total replacement.  Once that happens, and your toilet rings become permanent, you might notice that your entire bathroom could use a sprucing.

It also makes a great time to consider an overall facelift for the bathroom in your life.  Call Forrest Anderson about a bathroom renovation that will make you proud.  Phoenix, Arizona-based, we bring more than seven decades of experience to the table when providing renovation services throughout the Phoenix area.  Call us today, and we can start building your new dream bathroom tomorrow.

Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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