4 Things to Think About Before a Kitchen Remodel

When you first think about doing a kitchen remodel, there is a lot to consider.

How will you use the kitchen?

What kind of space are you working with?

Will you be able to change the space itself?

How many people will be using the kitchen?

Finally, is the reason for your kitchen remodel one of personal enjoyment, or will money be your primary motivator?

Intended Usage

How do you intend to use your kitchen space after your kitchen remodel?

Do you intend for this to be a “grab and go” type of kitchen, or do you intend to spend a lot of time cooking intricate meals there?

Will you be eating in the kitchen, or shifting to another space in the home to enjoy your meals?

Your kitchen remodel needs to begin and end with the way you use the space as the primary decision-making component. Otherwise, you may end up adding something unnecessary and not investing your time and money where it really belongs.

The Space Itself

How large is the space in which your kitchen remodel is going to take place?

If it is a smaller space, sometimes space-saving additions such as extra shelving and cabinets can steal the show. Even the right combination of colors can seem to open up the space itself and make it seem larger than it really is.

If you already have a fairly large kitchen space, you may only be rearranging elements and putting in a new color scheme. No matter how large your kitchen remodel may be physically, every kitchen remodel requires you to think through the space itself.

Another consideration that may come into play is how large the space itself can become. If you have walls that are not load-bearing, it may be possible to cut out either a portion of the wall or the whole thing. While this goes beyond the scope many people work within their kitchen remodel, it is important to consider if you can. If you have an adjacent room and the means to do so, significantly increasing your kitchen’s size can do amazing things for your home.

How Much to Change

Tearing down walls may be too much for your kitchen remodel, but it may also be just a portion of what you end up doing to the space.

Are you going to update your appliances with something new and different?