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Plumbing Tips for Spring in Arizona

Spring is nearly upon us. With less than a month away from warmer Phoenix weather we understand that this seasonal change may have snuck up on you, leaving you feeling little unprepared. Forrest Anderson Plumbing and Air Conditioning is here to help you prepare your home with a SPRING checkup!

You may be thinking, "What do I really have to do to prepare my plumbing for spring?" Believe it or not, there are a few simple things to ensure a limited amount of plumbing stress this summer.

Here is what to keep in mind...

  1. Flush The Water Heater - You'll want to flush out your water heater to remove any buildup that's keeping it from running at maximum efficiency.

  2. Start Early On The Yard Work - Your plumbing has nothing to do with your yard work, right? Wrong. Make sure your down spouts face away from your home's foundation and drain in the direction of the street, and be sure that your storm drains are clear so that they can handle large amounts of draining water. If your Phoenix home has some kind of foliage that has fallen to the ground from the winter months, be sure clear your yard of this debris that could get washed down and potentially clog a drain and result in a flood.

  3. Check Your Faucets - Check your faucets to make sure your homes water pressure is accurate. We recommend running your indoor and outdoor faucets on both hot and cold. It may take a while to adjust from hot to cold if the faucet has not been used in a while because air may have gotten into the lines. After running the water for a few minutes the air should work it's way out and the pressure should normalize. If you identify low water pressure this may be a sign of a leak. If any of your faucets are not running to their full capacity it may be time to call the Phoenix Valley Plumbing Professionals, Forrest Anderson, to take a look.

  4. Check Exposed Pipes - A lot of times for most Phoenix residents winterizing your pipes is often not a priority. But doing a quick inspection of your pipes is very important. Look in places like under the sinks in your bathrooms and kitchen and check the water supply lines to your appliances and toilets. Inspecting your pipes regularly for cracks can save you thousands in restoration costs and prevent an unwanted flood in your home. Also be aware of discoloration, or mold growth; these can be signs that there is a crack some where in the pipe that you may not be able to see. During your home inspection if you find anything that looks suspicious we recommend you call the professionals at Forrest Anderson right away.

  5. Check Your Toilets - Checking your toilet for any leaks can be quick and easy. Simply place a few drops of food coloring in the top toilet tank. Return in a few minutes and identify if any of the food coloring found its way into the toilet bowl. If you return to see food coloring in the toilet bowl you could have a leak, and may need to replace the flapper. If no color is found, no need to worry!

Taking the time to do these simple pre-spring plumbing checks can save you a ton of time, money, and heartache through and prepare your home for the brutal Phoenix summer. If you do identify a plumbing issue, no worries! Call the Forrest Anderson team to return your home to proper working order.

As the Phoenix Valley's Plumbing Experts we have helped hundreds of valley residents and continue to pledge to helping all Redefine their Experience of Comfort.

CALL 623.780.4060 or visit us online at

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