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Why Do Pressure Regulators Matter?

Being a homeowner comes with many worries, don’t let water pressure damage be one of them. With the a pressure regulator your pipes can function properly, and prolong the life your plumbing.

What Is a Pressure Regulator?

It is a plumbing valve that connects the main water line and your home. Reducing the main-line water pressure to a safe level before it reaches the interior plumbing of the home.

Too much pressure in your residential plumbing lines can cause all kinds of issues, not the least of which is a potential pipe explosion. So it’s vital that the pressure in the home is under control.

When Pressure Regulators Go Bad

Things never last forever, no matter how hard you might wish them to. Your pressure regulator is the same. It will eventually go bad, but how can you tell?

It’s likely your pressure regulator is bad if your water pressure has a significant change or you hear water hammering.

Pick up a pressure gauge at your local hardware store if you’re curious about how high your water pressure is. You can easily test your water pressure by following the included instruction.

As part of your regular home maintenance you should check your water pressure at least once a year.

How a Pressure Regulator Helps

So you know what a regulator does in your home, but how does it really help? And why should you have one?

Too much water pressure can put extra strain on your home’s plumbing.  Water can erode any type of mineral—no matter how refined.

All kinds of band things can happen when your plumbing is weak. Running toilets and dripping faucets, both are small issues, but they are not only annoying but also waste water.

You can hear the pipes hammering the walls as the water rushes to get through the pipes.

If that hammering water isn’t dealt with, then you could be opening yourself up for a big problem: burst pipes. You’re dealing with extensive damage, clean up, and construction issues if pipes burst.

By replacing your water pressure regulator, you are avoiding tens of thousands of dollars in restoration costs.

Contact the plumbing experts at Forrest Anderson if you think you need a water pressure regulator! No matter if it’s either for the first time or as a replacement for one that’s gone bad.

We’ll test your water pressure and determine if it’s time to upgrade.

Contact Forrest Anderson Today!

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