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Military Hero Giveaway Nominee - Jed Davis

After completing his military service, Jed began working around the country in construction. He worked with concrete in Boston, Atlanta, Portland and Seattle, and while in the Northwest, he shifted into plumbing and made his way to Phoenix. Today, he works for a Valley home builder as a senior warranty specialist.

Jed is a proud husband and father. He met his wife, Hanna, at a church service in 2016 when she was vacationing in the Valley. She had to return to Germany but kept in touch with Jed and their long-distance relationship blossomed. Their love was so strong, Hanna moved to Phoenix and they were married in less than a year. The couple moved into their first home on the west side of Phoenix in May 2019, and one month later they welcomed their son, Gabriel, into the world. Gabriel is an active and outgoing boy who loves to run, play with the family’s German Shephard, and is learning to speak in both English and German.

The Davis family attends a local independent Baptist church and say their Christian faith is one of the most important things in their lives. They love traveling the state, spending time outdoors, and visiting friends and family. They love Arizona because there is so much to do, they feel they will never run out of activities.

It is no doubt that Jed Davis of Phoenix, Arizona served and continues to serve his country and its residents honorably.

Help Jed become the 2020 Forrest Anderson Military Hero Giveaway winner by voting for him. Click here to vote.

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